PERFECT BLUE : Most bloodcurdling anime movie ever? (゚Д゚;))

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Hello! I am Mishi! How are you doing? Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is PERFECT BLUE (パーフェクトブルー). This movie is psycho suspense that will make you feel a chill on your body. This movie describes the adult way sometimes so I don’t recommend kids to this movie! Before I start to talk about it, just let you guys know about it! ъ( ゚ー^) The director of this movie is Satoshi Kon! So it has to be big twists and turns! Let’s check this movie out!! ヽ(´3`)ノ 



Mima as the main character who is a member of an idle group, CHAM retires all of sudden and becomes an actress. This idle group is not so popular but they have maniacal fans. The production company focuses on Mima to make a good fortune so they decided that way. She doesn’t want to be that way but she convinces herself and starts to be an actress.

One day, she gets her first job. Her first job is a simple thing, just say the words and her job is done but from next job, it is getting extreme. She has to act the scene of rape and next job is photographs of her nude. Her manager named, Rumi starts to be against what Mima has to do but Mima tries to live up to expectations of the president of  her production company named, Tadokoro.

She wants to meet the expectations for her company but at the same time, she starts to struggle that she should have stayed as an idle. While she starts to feel this way, people who used to be a fan of her begin to give her cold eyes. Especially, on the internet, there is a website of Mima that somebody makes. This website is like as if she makes it by herself. It is written in detail of her schedules. Those things push her to the edge mentally. At the same time, the worst thing will happen. This will cause her to start to feel the terror of her life!


Main Characters


Mima Kirigoe – Main character. She used to be a member of an idle group named, CHAM. The intention of her production company made her be an actress. But a dissatisfaction of her present state and a terror of stalker mentally will corner her.

Rumi – She is a manager of Mima. She used to be an idle but now, she doesn’t look like it. She is against the intention of the production company to make her be an actress.

Tadokoro – He is the president of Mima’s production company. He tries to push her to be an actress positively. He fights Mima sometimes for their business.

Mamoru Uchida – He is a part time security guard at a concert venue and also abnormal stalker for Mima.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 1998

Perfect Blue

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

season – M-VOICE

Background Music

Ai no Tenshi – MISA, Emiko Furukawa, Yoshie Shimizu (愛の天使 – MISA・古川恵実子・清水美恵)

Hitori demo Heiki – Emiko Furukawa, Yoshie Shimizu (一人でも平気 – 古川恵実子・清水美恵 )

Omoide ni Dakarete Ima wa – MISA (想い出に抱かれて今は – MISA)


All songs above are in this soundtrack

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My Review


Perfect Blue Recommendation Chart

This movie is scary but not ghost way. It will input a terror into your brain! The atmosphere of this movie gives me the suspicious feelings toward each of the characters and the scenes. Everything looks like terror while I was watching this movie! ((((;゚Д゚))) Seriously, this movie is the scariest anime that I have ever watched. On top of that, when I think about this really happening in real life, it really really creeps me out! The name of psycho suspense is for this movie! I didn’t know that anime can give me chills like this. I think the story is made excellently and atmosphere too. It made me feel like a detective and guess who is the culprit! ( ´,_ゝ`)? I really could enjoy watching this movie.

But I feel sorry for Mima. Because this movie expresses how Mima is getting cornered and breaking down mentally. When people feel the feeling of terror, they won’t make the right decision anymore. She taught me that much. Another thing this movie taught me is I think this movie is good for people who want to take a look at themselves again. Because when she refused herself, everything of her collapsed and she started to create herself but not the real her. Not to go to that way, I have to face something I don’t want to face even though I don’t want to see it! Otherwise, I will be like her! ━━(゚Д゚;)━━━ It is hard that once you lose yourself, everything will be slipping away. This movie almost made me lose who I am too! I was probably into this movie so much. Satoshi Kon makes the movies which have something to draw people into the world of the story with his style. That is why his movies have been valued in all over the world! His movies will choose the people who like or not but including pros and cons, he stands out! That is a proof of being popular!

By the way, as the same as Millennium Actress, at last scene, there is a mysterious word she will say. It is so interesting again! I can’t sleep when I think about it! There are many ways to take what she says. If you want to take it for a good ending, you can take that way but if you want to take it for mysterious way, you go for it! you can also take it as somebody(no spoil) and Mima switched….. This is really scary but it is a great idea! Well, I think most people take it as good way because all of the crazy things happened and she recovered from the bottom. This is natural to think. At least, I want to think that way because of this movie is scary!!!!!! Didn’t you think so? ((( ;゜ Д ゜)))

I think I recommend this movie to the people who like to watch suspense and horror. But this horror is not ghosted way! Not all people would like this movie and it is not for children. If you are interested in this movie, watch it and make sure of this movie with your eyes! (▽〃)。oO

Thank you for reading this post! I hope PERFECT BLUE won’t traumatize you!! βγё②φ(0∀0*ο


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