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Hello! How is everyone doing today? I have been working hard on this website, I am always thinking about all of you, and how I can make it better for you. I hope that everyone is liking the website and that it is entertaining for you. Okay so now on to what I came here for today. This post is for reviewing Plastic Memories! Let’s go over this anime!




This anime is about the near future. Technology has been developed, people in this world use android robots for their life. These robots work with humans to help make their life better and smooth. Tsukasa Mizugaki as the main character of this anime who failed to enter the college, and got a job with his father’s connections. The place was he got his job is a worldwide famous company called “SAI Corp”, the “SAI Corp” manages and manufactures Giftia. Giftia is an android robot that works and lives with humans, these robots act like human beings. Tsukasa got a job in this company and started working in the Terminal Service Section which they collect the Giftia that are almost 9 years old, that is the lifeline for a Giftia. If the time goes over 9 years, the Giftia would begin to go out of control. So before that, they have to collect them to erase the data that Giftia build, before they take them away they  let the owners say goodbye to Giftia.

To do this job, Tsukasa teams up with Isla who is also an android robot. Through working with each other, they will get to know each other and start to fall in love. But soon Tsukasa will know Isla’s longevity is running out! What will he do with her and what will it happen at last??


Main Characters


Plastic Memories Characters(From left to right)

Zack – He is a Giftia who is a partner of Michiru. He looks a pure guy but sometimes he says a bitter work.

Isla(above) – Main character. She is a Giftia who is a partner of Tsukasa. She is a clumsy girl. She likes to make a herb tea.

Tsukasa Mizugaki – Main character. He failed to go to college but thanks to his parents, he gets a job at SAI Corp. I wonder if he can handle this job or not!

Eru Miru – She is a Giftia who works as a engineer. She is in charge of Isla and Zack.

Sherry – She is a Giftia who is a partner of Yasutaka. She is a hard worker.

Yasutaka Hanada(above) – He works at this company more than 10 years. But He is not a hard worker like his partner, Sherry.

Constance -He is a Giftia who is a partner of Kazuki. He is a gentle and smart guy.

Kazuki Kuwanomi -Tsukasa’s boss. She used to be a partner with Isla but she was attacked by a Giftia that went crazy and she lost her right leg. She uses an artificial leg. She is a tomboy and violent! People are scared  of her. As you see her sleeping on the picture, she likes to drink but not strong at it.

Michiru Kinushima – She is a senpai(senior) of Tsukasa at work but actually she is younger than him. She is an instructor of him.

How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Doga Kobo

Episodes : 13

DVD Plastic Memories Tv 1-13end / English Subtitle

Plastic Memories DVD with English subtitles on Amazon


Opening and Ending Songs



Ring of Fortune – Eri Sasaki(佐々木恵梨)

Ring of Fortune - Eri Sasaki

Ring of Fortune – Eri Sasaki


Asayake no Star Mine – Asami Imai (朝焼けのスターマイン – 今井麻美)

Asayake no Star Mine - Asami Imai

Asayake no Star Mine – Asami Imai


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Plastic Memories Figure Anime Isla

Isla figure on J box
She works for plants!

Plastic Memories Action Figure Isla









Plastic Memories Wall Scroll

Plastic Memories Wall Scroll: Isla
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Plastic Memories Mug Cup

Plastic Memories Full Color Mug Cup: Isla
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My Review


Plastic Memories Recommendation Chart

This anime is a love comedy, it is a love story more than comedy. This anime is made up of only 13 episodes. Why do they do that to an anime that I fall in love with? I am always like whyyyyyyyy! Do they like to see me bald from pulling my hair out? They could have made it longer and made the story better! Since it was 13 episodes, I felt like this anime was overloaded, and they didn’t take their time so that they could have finished it in a short time. That was the sad part of this anime for me. You know what I am talking about if you have watched this anime! This anime has the potential to be a great anime if they wouldn’t have rushed it! Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it isn’t a great anime, I am just saying don’t rush it and let it build all the way to the climax. It is definitely the time to watch and is a must see, I must warn you though prepare to keep something by you to wipe your eyes towards the end!

It is a good world for Giftia! They have a Giftia rights, just like we have human rights. For example, in episodes 5 when a Giftia was kidnapped by the guy from the underground market, they had to search where she was at. I was like they are android robots, they don’t have GPS or something like that? But I found out that they have a Giftia right which the human has to give them as a privacy policy, I thought that was so nice! They recognize them as human too. But then that started me wondering, why does Gifitia’s only have a longevity of 9 years? Why do they have to erase a date?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any answers. My guess is that this is the technology they have in this anime, that is as far as their skills would take them. Do you know what I mean? It is like we have a smartphone which we have to charge battery often (Or maybe only my smartphone lol). But I am sure in the future, they will find a way to use the battery longer as technology skills grow, and we don’t have to keep on charging battery often like we do now.

I think the reason why they erase the data is to protect the private policy for a human. That is why people from underground market try to steal Giftia from people, and blackmail them as seeing the Giftia’s data? I don’t know for sure, but that is what I think. Personally, I wanted this anime to explain those things through the episodes.

But it was good anime and will make you cry! I recommend this anime to people who want to watch a sad love story anime!


Thank you for reading this post! You can go ahead and rate this anime if you have watched it already. You can also talk about this anime with somebody in the comment box below! See you next time everyone ~.~! Ja–ne!


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