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Hello! I’m Mishi! How have you been, everybody?? Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Pom Poko (平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ/Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko). The director of this movie is Isao Takahata. It is about the life of Tanuki(Racoons) that can turn into a human beings and try to adjust into the circumstance of this world. It is very interesting to see our world from their point of view. Let’s take a look at what kind of anime movie this is! ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙



The time is around Showa 40’s which is 1965~1974 in Tamakyuryo. This place lays on Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures, Japan. There are still many nature that exists around here and Tanuki which means raccoon have their life in this area. A human being and animals coexist together but all of sudden, that time has to come to an end for the convenience of the human beings. A human being tries to make a new town in this area and they start to destroy the nature. This action forces all the animals to leave this place and they start to struggle.



As their place has been taken away by the human beings, gradually, they start to lack food. This causes Tanuki to start to fight each other for the territory. While they are thinking that this is going to be a serious issue among them, one day, they gather together and hold a meeting. They decide to prevent the human beings from building a new town in their area and protect their place. To do so, they restore their traditional technique to scare the human beings and try to stop their projects! But this traditional technique will give them different knowledge at last! What will happen to them? Will they be able to be successful to protect their own place?? This story is a fight between Tanuki and the human beings!




Main Characters



Shoukichi (center) – He will be Okiyo’s husband later on. He is substantially the leader of Tanuki. He has the mind which is like the ways of the human beings. His personality is calm and collected. He will be a white collar worker.

Okiyo (far left) – She will be Shoukichi’s wife later on. They will have 4 children. She will be a hostess.

Oroku (left side of Shoukichi) – Fireball Oroku is her real name. She teaches young Tanuki how to transform as an instructor. She will be a fortuneteller later on.

Gonta (right side of Shoukichi) – He is the leader of extremists. He has a grudge against the human beings so much because they are taking their hometown away for building a new town. His personality is hot blooded.

Tamasaburo (above Gonta) – He is the most handsome Tanuki in the world! When he turns into a human being, he becomes the hottest human being.

Ponkichi (above Tamasaburo) – Shoukichi’s childhood friend. He doesn’t have the ability to transform into something. He is an ordinary Tanuki. He is lazy but kind.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Studio Ghibli

Year : 1994

Pom Poko Blu-Ray on Amazon

Blu-Ray and DVD on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs

Theme song

Asia no Kono Machi de – Shang Shang Typhoon (アジアのこの街で – 上々颱風)

Ending song

Itsudemo Darekaga – Shang Shang Typhoon (いつでも誰かが – 上々颱風)

Pom Poko Soundtrack

Pom Poko O.S.T. on Amazon

Pom Poko Image CD Album

Pom Poko Image CD Album on Amazon


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My Review



I love this movie! This is one of my favorite Ghibli movies. The reason why  is because the Tanuki transform into human beings. This is a Japanese traditional mythology that I am interested in! They use a lot of ways to scare the human beings and try to protect their hometown. I really could enjoy watching this movie from the view of animals. The message of this movie is so simple to understand and this is what is going on in our world. It will teach you how to consider others or another species. Adults will have something to think about while we are watching this movie. For kids, they will not think about the social issues but they can also enjoy watching this movie from the different point of view. Because it is comical and has a nice tempo so it is easy for kids to watch it! I am sure if you have kids, you will be able to have a good time with it. Σd(゜∀゜d)

I also love the background music too. It is so WA(it means Japanese flavor.)! Those songs match up with the story and atmosphere so you will get to feel unique feelings. ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ 

But it seems like this movie has not been evaluated! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?? (´ヘ`;) Cute Tanuki blends with the serious message into the story so without getting serious, you can get to notice the theme! I know the Ghibli fans want to watch the great fantasy story but isn’t this good movie? Hmmmm, oh well, as if this movie preaches to us about nature so people tend to put it off! But I still love this movie!! I think I like the genre which includes Japanese mythology types. I just found that out now! ━━ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)━━,,,,,

Well, Tanuki’s transformation is like Yokai. This movie is something to let Japanese remember the old way to think. I definitely can make this thought connect with Shinto way. Respect all of the existences and try to consider them like they used to think in the old days. That is how Japanese used to coexist with the animals and nature. Isao Takahata usually makes this messages in his movies and some people don’t like his messages because it pushes much to his movies but I think it is cool! If they forget what it used to be, that means they will lose the background of Japan. Why do we love Japanese things? It is because it is so unique and the originality that others can’t make. I think his messages and the way he wants to say things are needed for next generations to keep their culture up as a foundation.

In 2016, ECO has been concerned by our world. Since we have been aware of ECO, the message of this movie won’t give you sensational feelings. But it is nice to make sure about coexistence. I talk about it seriously but you can watch it simply and easily. It will make you want to cheer the Tanuki for trying to get their place back! They live so hard like we live so hard in the same world! It is up to how you feel about this movie but I hope you will be in their shoes and watch this anime so you will be able to enjoy it more than without thinking anything! It contains funny scenes but also contains sad scenes too. Even though this movie has not been popular among the Ghibli fans, but I do recommend you guys to watch it! If you enjoy it, I would get so happy! (。≧ω≦。)

By the way, Pom Poko means the expression of the sounds for Japanese drums or stuffed tummy! Tanuki’s have chunky tummy, right? Japanese expresses those as Pon Poko(I don’t know why it is Pom, not Pon)! The music includes the Japanese drums too. So Pom Poko!

 Thank you for reading this post! The person now you pass by might be a Tanuki! (*^ワ^*)See you~~!


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