Porco Rosso : The cool dandism that the pig makes! (〃∇〃)

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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Porco Rosso (紅の豚/Kurenai no Buta). Usually, Hayao Miyazaki makes the movies for kids but this time, he has said he made this anime is for the middle age people like him who have been tired and their brain is becoming like Tofu. (゜▽゜*) It is funny to hear what he said. He used to dream of flying in the sky when he was a child, so he made this movie for his dream too. But what is the meaning of what he said? Can you understand it? Well, let’s get it started! b( ゚∀゚ )




This is around 1929. At this time, Italian won the World War I but Italian economy is not doing well. The main character named, Porco who once used to be an ace pilot of the Italian air force but now, he makes his life as being a bounty hunter for air pirates and has scheduled life in the small island of Adriatic Sea.

Mamma Aiuto which is the group of air pirates who’s business is always bothered by Porco and they hold a grudge against him. One day, at night, Porco goes to a hotel named, Adriano which has been run by his old friend named, Gina and met with an American guy named, Donald Curtis who has a U.S. flying boat and found out that he is a bodyguard for the band of air pirates.

After a while, he was on the way to the Piccolo company in Milan to fix the engine of his flying boat, he runs into Curtis and Porco and is shot down by him. He manages to dodge the situation but his flying boat is broken down. He barely gets it to Piccolo company and the person who is waiting for him is the granddaughter of Piccolo named, Fio. He gets surprised and confused but her enthusiasm convinces him and he lets her fix his flying boat.

At the same time, more problems occur to him. Porco doesn’t want to do anything with the fascism government so the security police and air force are in pursuit of him. His old friend named, Ferrarin even asks him to be back in the air force but he has no intention to do that at all. On the other hand, Curtis falls in love with Gina and makes a proposal of marriage but she is waiting for Porco.

Thanks to Fio, his flying boat is fixed and gets ready to go back to where he is from! But the air pirates are waiting for him. Now what will happen to him?

Porco Rosso Characters


Main Characters


Porco Rosso ScenesMarco Pagot – Main character. He is known as Porco Rosso. He is 36 years old and is a bounty hunter for the air pirates. He lives his life the way he wants to live on an uninhabited island. He usually drinks wine as listening to the music through his radio and smokes Gitanes cigarette.


Gina – Porco’s old friend. She runs her hotel named, Adriano. She is a popular lady among the flying boat pilots of Adriatic Sea. It is said that everyone falls for Gina. She has married the pilots of flying boat three times but all of her husbands have passed away. She is one of the people who know the real name of Porco.

Porco Rosso Marco Pagot

Fio Piccolo (left) – She is a 17 years old girl who is the granddaughter of Master Piccolo. She is an aircraft design engineer who has  great skills. Her father used to be in the same unit of  the air force with Porco.

Master Piccolo – Fio’s grandfather and Porco’s old friend. He runs his aircraft manufacturer company named, Piccolo S.P.A. He has 3 sons and usually, they are in charge of designs but they work away from their home because of the economic stagnation. When this company gets a job, he collects his female family members as the employees and runs his business.

Mamma Aiuto Boss – He is the boss of the air pirates called, Mamma Aiuto. His group can’t handle Porco by themselves so they cooperate with the band of air pirates. He knows Porco from a long time ago.

Donald Curtis – He is an American who is the bodyguard for the band of air pirates. He becomes Porco’s rival for Gina and the flying boat.

Ferrarin – Porco’s old comrade and a lieutenant of the Italian air force. He is worried about Porco’s life so he recommends him to come back to the air force. The reason why the Italian air force hasn’t touched Porco and Ginan is because of Ferrarin. He is good friends with Porco and Gina. He is also one of the people who knows the real name of Porco.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Studio Ghibli

Year : 1992

Porco Rosso Blu-ray and DVD

Blu-ray and DVD

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Sakuranbo no Minoru koro – Tokiko Kato (さくらんぼの実る頃 – 加藤登紀子)


Tokiniwa Mukashi no Hanashi wo – Tokiko Kato (時には昔の話を – 加藤登紀子)


Porco Ross soundtrack

Theme song and Ending song are in the O.S.T

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My Review


Porco Rosso Recommendation Chart

The story is pretty simple and it is easy to understand the world of Porco Rosso. There are many bad guys coming at Porco but they are not that bad. Actually, they are basically good people and there is no unpleasantness. Each of the characters is fantastically standing out and have their own unique personalities. This movie describes the differences of each character perfectly! Who won’t fall in love with Gina? Especially, who won’t fall in love with Porco? (〃∇〃) I think everybody does even the guys too, right? He is the sample of being a cool man even though he is a pig! He says a couple of cool phrases that make me want to say, Moe, ~~! I like the part that a pig that doesn’t fly is just a pig! (*´∀`) When the girl kisses him, he becomes so shy and red on his face! Wait! That is why the title is Porco Rosso? Σ(゚Д゚) Porco means pig and rosso means red in Italian so….. Is that what it means? If so, it is so funny!

By the way, the reason why Hayao Miyazaki has said this movie is the anime for the middle age people like his age who have been tired and their brain is becoming like Tofu. What do you think about it? I think people who have their age around Hayao Miyazaki probably used to have a dream of flying in the sky or airplane makes them excited? Is he talking about the men’s spirit of adventure right? o(・_・= ・_・)o Or adultic attractive lady, Gina will heal their heart? Lol, or Porco is a pig but he is popular for girls? Anyway….. the men’s spirit of adventure has been packed and stimulate their brain to go on with their life positively!! (I think….) If somebody knows the meaning of it, please let me know! I hope what I am saying above is what he meant to say…… I have seen many people say that only guys can enjoy watching this movie. It is not for girls and children….. But I could enjoy it, though….. Maybe from a different point of view, this is for sure~! (;・∀・) I probably should be glad that I can’t understand what that means because if I could understand it, that means my brain is the same age of them! Lol, don’t get mad at me if you have watched it already and understood what he meant! I am just kidding you know….. (;・∀・)

At last, do you want to know the reason why he is a pig?….. I’m sorry but I don’t know! But does it matter? This pig is the coolest pig in the world! I recommend this movie to people who want to see the coolest pig ever! This movie will flip the image of pigs over 180 degrees! Be careful not to fall in love with him! This is the warning for people who haven’t watched this movie yet in advance!! (*・∀・*) This is the movie for Hayao Miyazaki’s hobbies. (It is because he said he thinks anime is for the children But he ignored the point of view of children. And he is Otaku for airplanes of the war.) But I could enjoy watching! He once said he wants to make a sequel of this movie before he has retired. I wished I could watch it so bad!! Well….. if you have free time, try to watch it!

Thank you for reading this post! I will see you next time! (^.^/)))~~~bye!!


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