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Hello! Mishi is here! Today, the movie what I want to recommend to you guys is Princess Mononoke(もののけ姫). This movie is one of the most popular Ghibli movies among the Ghibli fans. This movie is different from the other Ghibli’s movies. The reason why is this story contains the description of violence and death. But it has been loved by many fans. Let’s take a look at the factors that have been attractive to the fans! (´∀`)




The boy named, Ashitaka as the main character lives in the village of Emishi. He has a curse on his right arm when he cleaned up a demon named, Nago that attacked his village. His right arm doesn’t cause a problem to his village but since he has been cursed, he has to leave his village(There is not an explantion mentioned why he has to leave but according to what wise villager says, it should be the rule of the village.). He also tries to heal his arm so he is headed to the west which is where the boar god came from.

While he is on the way to the west, he finds a person who is lying on the ground and takes him back to his village. At this village, they produce an iron to make their living. Ashitaka meets the lady who rules this village named, Eboshi. She protects this village from being attacked by Mononoke(a demon or a monster in Japanese) or provincial samurai who try to get the iron that they produce. Ashitaka finds out the reason why the boar god has been born. To produce an iron, they destroy the nature. That gives the god of the mountains and animals hatred and a Mononoke is born.

After a while, Ashitaka hears that somebody tries to take Emobshi’s life. This somebody is the another main character named, San. She is called Princess Mononoke by people. San is a human who has been raised by a mountain dog god. When she attacks this village, she falls into a fatal situation but Ashitaka saves her life. But San doesn’t like humans so she tries to kill Ashitaka…..

She takes him to the mountain god named, Shishi god that takes charge of life and death. The god heals Ashitaka and San decides to let him live. As San takes care of Asitaka, she starts to open her mind toward Ashitaka. Ashitaka also starts to think that there is a way to co-exist with mountains and nature.

At the same time, the group of imperial court scheme to kill Shishi god with Eboshi. Now, what will happen among the human beings and Mononoke?



Main Characters


Princess Mononoke Ashitaka

Ashitaka – Main character. He is a member of Emishi family. Emishi family has lost to Yamato and forced to be chased away to the Northern land. He is a quiet young boy who carries his justice. Since he has fought Nago to protect his village, he was cursed on his arm. This curse gives explosive strength but as he uses this power, his longevity gets shorter. He has a good looking!

Princess Mononoke San

San – Main character. She is called Princess Mononoke. She is a human who has been raised by a mountain dog god. She hates humans because humans destroy the nature. As she meets Ashitaka, she starts to feel the humanity inside of her.

Princess Mononoke Lady Eboshi

Lady Eboshi – She is a leader of Tatara group. Her village produces an iron. She takes care of her people and has respect from everybody in this village. She also has a cruel part and doesn’t take it easy on her enemies. She will join the group from the Imperial court to hunt Shishi god later.

Yakul – Ashitaka’s serow.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Studio Ghibli

Year : 1997

Princess Mononoke DVD and Blu-Ray

DVD and Blu-Ray on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Mononoke Hime – Yoshikazu Mera (もののけ姫 – 米良美一)


Princess Mononoke Soundtrack

Theme song is in this O.S.T

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San with her mask!


Nice scene!



Ashitaka is known as good looking lol


Lady Eboshi




San with Inugami




My Review



This movie has a catch phrase “Live”. If you finish watching this movie, you would feel exactly the same thing. It is humans VS nature. Nature gets furious because the humans destroy the nature for their convenience.  As if nature says that it is time for them to pay back to humans, they start to attack the humans. Studio Ghibli likes to make movies that are about co-existence between humans and nature. Usually, they express this relationship softly or comically but this “Princess Mononoke” is different. This movie describes it aggressively as keeping the Ghibli world. The hatred turns into nothing but the hatred and that negative feeling will cause the war. It is unrealistic fantasy but the background of this movie, era, and the history of Japan are realistic. It is written between the unreality and reality as if it happened in the history of Japan. This expression will get you to take a trip into the world of “Princess Mononoke”.

What are you looking for in this movie? Are you looking for the comical way? If so, I’m sorry! As you read above, it is between humans and nature so naturally, the theme of this movie becomes heavy content. The serious atmosphere lasts until the end. But there is no way else but to make this way. I heard some people don’t like this movie because it is so severe to watch it. I think that is right. This is the point of if you like it or not but it is a great movie so I recommend you guys to watch it.

What I was really impressed with is a mystique and solemnity of the description of nature, I should say the mountain. If you find the place like that in our real life, I would definitely feel that there is something around me! Wouldn’t you feel so? It is greatly pictured that this mountain has something. It is something you should not mess around. I have searched how they made this pictures and I found the model place for this movie. It is located in Japan and the place is called Yakushima. It is the island close to Kagoshima.


Do you feel something??


San and Ashitaka might have been here before?


Nowadays, It is said that Yakushima is the power spot(spiritual spot) by Japanese and there are many people who visit there to feel the spiritual power. Yakushima has been registered as the world natural heritage site. No wonder that Princess Mononoke has the great mysterious circumstance.

Everybody expects Hayao Miyazaki to make his creative world as before Princess Mononoke but at this time, he decides to make this movie different from his past movies and makes this movie for real talk. He betrayed us in a a good way and succeeded in the other way. He has created this movie as contrasting life with death and pureness with dirtiness. This comparison is immortal and doesn’t choose the era. It will stay in this world forever. So the catchphrase is “live”. It all made sense to me! It might help you to understand this movie better if you read my different post of Shinto. I truly believe this is the foundation of this movie.

This movie has been popular and known by people all over the world. I can proudly recommend this movie to you guys. I think you should watch this at least once in a lifetime! It won’t waste your time! Human VS nature, this conversation will never end and it should be always on the table to talk about. We should think about something before Mononoke would come and attack us! ~(((((((っ´Ι`)ノ

Thank you for reading this post. I will see you later! Bye~! (o_ _)


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