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Hi! How are you doing, everybody? Today I want to share a review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ). This is not a new anime, but I like it, so I want to introduce you guys to this anime. I am not going to talk about the whole story for somebody who haven’t watch it yet, but I will show you a reason why this anime has been popular since it was released! Let’s take a look at the story first!  ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ




Madoka Kaname is the main character who goes to junior high school. She is a normal 2nd-year junior high school student. One day she dreamed about a girl who has magical powers and is fighting a monster and a white creature that looks like a cat who asked Madoka to make a contract to become a magical girl. Next morning, Madoka goes to her school and finds out that a transfer student, Homura Akemi was the girl who she dreamed of. Homura knows Madoka somehow and told her don’t become a magical girl. After her school is over, Madoka was going home with her friend, Sayaka Miki. They were called by a mysterious voice and run into the white creature that she dreamed of and Homura, Homura was trying to kill the white creature. This creature’s name is Kyubey. Madoka and Sayaka saved Kyubey but the place they stepped into was not a real world. While they were lost, 2 monsters surround them. But they were saved by a magical girl, Mami Tomoe. At that time, Kyubey asked them to become a magical girl. As Madoka and Sayaka see Mami fighting and protecting people from other monsters, they start to think that they want to become a magical girl. But right after that, Mami was killed by a monster while fighting. They really got shocked and discouraged. Kyubey also tells them that if they make a contract to become a magical girl, a dream will come true. Sayaka has a boy who she is in love with but he is in the hospital. To cure him, she decides to become a magical girl. What will Madoka do since her friend became a magical girl? What is Kyubey? Why does Kyubey try to get people to become magical girls? How come Homura Akemi knows Madoka? Where does she come from? There are many mysterious things going on! If you want to know the story, why don’t you watch this anime??


Main Characters


Puella Magi Madoka Magica on play asia

(from bottom of left)

Sayaka Miki(blue hair) – Madoka’s classmate and childhood friend. She is a cheerful girl. She becomes a magical girl to save a boy who she is in love with.

Madoka Kaname(pink hair) – Main character of this anime. She has a kind heart but she thinks she doesn’t have any ability for her life. She becomes a magical girl to help somebody who needs a help but as facing what is going on as being magical girl, she will start to wish different thing.

Homura Akemi(black hair) – Transferred student at Madoka’s school. She is a model of excellent student. She fights Kyubei to not let Madoka be a magical girl. The reason is ….. In here, I will not spoil you for a story. ъ( ゚ー^) 

Mami Tomoe(blond hair) – She is a senior student of Madoka at her school. She is a mature person. She becomes a magical girl to save herself from a death of traffic accident.

Kyoko Sakura(red hair) – After a death of Mami, to expand her territory, Kyoko comes to Madoka’s place. She doesn’t like Sayaka because for somebody, she becomes a magical girl like herself. She becomes a magical girl for her father.


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : SHAFT

Episodes : 12

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 1

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Manga in English on Amazon

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blu-ray 1

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blu-ray in English subtitles on Amazon




Part 1 : October 2012 “Beginnings” (始まりの物語)

Part 2 : October 2012 “Eternal” (永遠の物語)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica DVD in English

The movie Beginnings/Eternal set English subtitles (blue-ray) on J-box

Part 3 : October 2013 “Rebellion” (叛逆の物語)

Puella DVD

The movie Rebellion English subtitles (Blu-Ray) on J-box


Opening and Ending songs



Connect(コネクト) – ClariS


Magia – Kalafina

Mata Ashita(また あした) – Madoka Kaname (Ending of 1st and 2nd episodes on BD/DVD)

and I’m home – Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura (Ending of 9th episodes on BD/DVD)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica CD

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Music Collection
All songs on one CD!


Part 1


Luminous(ルミナス) – ClariS


Magia (quattro) – Kalafina

Featured song

Mirai(未来) – Kalafina

Part 2


Luminous(ルミナス) – ClariS


Hikari Furu(ひかりふる) – Kalafina

Puella Kalafina

Hikari Furu/Mirai – Kalafina

Featured song

Connect(コネクト) – ClariS

Magia (quattro) – Kalafina

Part 3


Colorful(カラフル) – ClariS

Colorful - ClariS

Single Best 1st – Claris
Connect/Luminous/Colorful are included in Claris CD album


Kimi no Gin no Niwa(君の銀の庭) – Kalafina

Featured song

misterioso – Kalafina

misterioso - Kalafina

Kimi No Gin No Niwa/misterioso – Kalafina [Limited Edition]


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Action Figure

Devil Homura
WOW, What a beautiful devil!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Figure Anime

Ultimate Madoka
You can replace another weapon to let her hold!







Kyoko Yukata Figure

Kyoko Sakura Yukata Ver.
She is popular among guys in Japan!

Sayaka Yukata Action Figure

Sayaka Miki Yukata Ver.







Mini Madoka Figure

Madoka Kaname Yukata Ver.
Mini Madoka-chan!

Mini Figure Homura

Devil Homura
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My review


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Recommendation Chart

Do you think this anime is like a girl heroes story like sailor moon? As you see the picture of this anime, you thought this show is a children’s anime? The answer is NO.  It looks like it, but the story is not for children! Probably children and their mom’s would drop their face if they think this anime is for them. ━━(゚Д゚;)━━━ The reason why this anime has been popular is a gap. What kind of a gap? (;・∀・) The story and an image of what people would think as they see a picture of the characters. The characters are so cute and people would think Oh this is one of those anime that gives you courage or an ideal of humanity! What kind of image do you have for an anime like this? I am assuming that cute girls make friends through a battle, and they become friends and together they will beat monsters right? Trust me! This anime is totally opposite side of what you think. Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚). Unfortunately, this anime has a darkness and shows you how your kindness turns around to bite you. Because they will be magical girls for making their wish come true, but their wishes are for somebody. They think about somebody and try to save them. That is how they become magical girls. But that kindness doesn’t go the way they want. The kindness will turn into hatred and then some girls will be ….. I should not say what will happen! In short, they will be magical girls as considering somebody, but that thought won’t go well. This anime is showing us how hard real life is. That is what you will get to see from this anime. As I said that the gap of this anime makes itself so so popular. I do believe so. If you have time to watch this, I want you to try to watch it and realize this anime doesn’t talk about beautiful the side of this world and people. It will make you have goosebumps and chills. You can’t imagine what you will see on this anime! Enjoy the gap of what you thought about this anime as just seeing the picture of it and real story! Welcome to the dark world with cute girls! (llФwФ`)

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