Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie 2 : Is our Kyoto inferno?

Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno Live Action Movie 2

Hello! Mishi de gozaru!(like Kenshin) Today, we go over the second part of Rurouni Kenshin live action movie “Kyoto Inferno”. That guy, Makoto Shishio will come out…..  (((((((( ;゚Д゚))))))) What will happen to Kenshin? Let’s take a look at how the story of this movie goes! (((i;・´ω`・人・´ω`・;i)))




Hajime Saito who is a cop and used to be a member of Shinsengumi goes to the abandoned place where many cops disappeared. While he is investigating at the place, he runs into a guy, Makoto Shishio. Hajime tries to chase him but He gets away from him.

In the meantime, Kenshin meets his old friend, Toshimichi Okubo who is a Ministers of Home Affairs for Meiji government and hears that Makoto Shishio is active behind the scenes. He is gathering his soldiers and looking for the opportunity to take revenge on the Meiji government. After a week later, Toshimichi is assassinated by one of Makoto’s men and Kenshin decides to go to Kyoto to handle him.

While he is on the way to Kyoto, he meets a young girl, Misao Makimachi. She will go to Kyoto with Kenshin. He goes to the abandoned village where the Makoto’s soldiers destroyed and runs into Makoto. Makoto won’t fight here. His man, Sojiro Seta who killed Toshimichi comes at Kenshin. In the end of this fight, Kenshin’s sword breaks…… How can he fight after this? Will he be able to stop Makoto’s revenge? Thanks to Makoto, my favorite place, Kyoto will be on fire!!!! ヽ(`Д´メ)ノ


Main Characters


Kenshin Himura – Main character. He is a type of person who is usually cheerful but silly. He won’t let people imagine that he used to be an assassin man-slayer. After the certain incident, he stopped killing people. As being a ronin, he traveled around Japan and helped many people.

Kaoru Kamiya – Main character. She is an active girl who carries a justice. She teaches a Kendo in Kamiya Dojo. Since Kenshin saved her Dojo, he stays in her place. As they get through so many troubles, they will get close to each other.

Sanosuke Sagara – He shows up as Kenshin’s enemy at first but he loses a battle to him. He likes Kenshin’s personality and becomes a Kenshin’s best comrade. He is a type of person who is dependable. He has a powerful strength and tough body.

Yahiko Myojin – He is from a samurai family. Because of Meiji Restoration, he became an orphan. His father died in the war and his mother was sick. To pay her medical fee, he borrows money from Yakuza. After her death, he was forced to pickpocket to pay a loan. After he meets Kenshin and Kaoru, he starts to learn a sword skill at Kamiya Dojo.

Hajime Saito – He is a police officer for Meiji government. He used to be a member of Shinsen Gumi. He knows Kenshin a lot because they used to fight over and over while the war. They are an old enemy and best rival but in their heart, they accept each other.

Misao Makimachi – She is a granddaughter of the previous chief of Oniwaban(the Shogunate’s guard of the inner garden). Her grandfather is the master of Aoshi, Misao is in love with Aoshi. Aoshi doesn’t want her to be exposed to danger, he and his crew left her while she was sleeping and she was left in Okina’s care in Kyoto. But she can’t give up on Aoshi and while she was searching for him, she runs into Kenshin.

Makoto Shishio – He is a leader of Shishio gang. He tries to take the Meiji government down and conquer Japan. He used to be an assassin. When he was an assassin, he was labeled as a dangerous person because of his ambition. When Boshin war happened, he got attacked and burnt but he survived. That is why he has bandages all over his body.


How to find this movie


Year : 2014

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie 2 Kyoto Inferno [Japanese Audio with English Subtitles] [All Region]

Kyoto Inferno on Amazon

Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy [Blu-ray]

3 live action movies set on Amazon

Opening and ending songs


Mighty Long Fall – ONE OK ROCK(A-Sketch)

Mighty Long Fall - ONE OK ROCK(A-Sketch)

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Kenshin Action Figure

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Kenshin Himura Action Figure

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Makoto Shishio Action Figure

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My Review


Rurouni Kenshin -Kyoto Inferno- Live Action Movie Part 2 Recommendation chart

I enjoyed this movie! But it seems like the story was compressed too much. I know the movie has a limitation of time but I felt this way. The tempo is really good and speedy so things happen quickly from scene to scene. It was easy to watch, though. That is my only complaint. Oh no, that is not true! o(・_・= ・_・)o I have things to say about one scene.

Actually, this made me mad! o(`ω´*)o If you know the anime version, when Kenshin goes to Kyoto, he says goodbye to Kaoru right? That was at night and many fireflies fly around them. Kenshin holds her gently and says goodbye to her. Kaoru starts to cry! It was impressive scene! There are many fans for that scene! But on this movie, she doesn’t cry, it is not at night, no fireflies and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Do you have some money to go to Japan? If so, please go and meet the director of this movie and complain about it??? ( #゚д゚)=○)゚Д)^^^^^^゚ It was so disappointing to watch that scene because I expected that to happen! ( ´д)ヒソ(´д`)ヒソ(д` ) ( ´д)ヒソ(´д`)ヒソ(д` ) ( ´д)ヒソ(´д`)ヒソ(д` ) See, many people say so too. lol

Anyway, except for that, it was good! This movie ends halfway but that is because next one came up in a row.(This movie was out at the theater on August 2014 and next one came out at the theater in September. 2014.) I hope next one will finish right and make me feel like I will be glad to watch these movies. I recommend you to watch this movie. You know this anime or not, I am sure you can enjoy watching this live action series! It is sad that next one is a last live action movie! Well, I will see you later! Bye Bye~ ( ´∀`)/~~

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