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Hello, Rurouni Kenshin fans! I’m Mishi! Today, I am going to introduce you guys to a live action movie called Rurouni Kenshin. There are 3 live action movies. Unfortunately, there are no official English subtitle ones but there are imported versions in English so we can still get to watch the series of these live action movies. I’m so excited to introduce these movies! Let’s go to the story! (>Д<)




Kenshin Himura who used to be called Hitokiri Battosai which means an assassin manslayer in English. This period is now the Meiji era and is not in need of samurai anymore. He travels around Japan to save people who need a help as a ronin. When he arrives in Tokyo, there are two things are going on. One is drug smuggling and the other thing is somebody who calls himself Hitokiri Battosai from Kamiya Dojo and kills people at random.

Megumi Takani is a doctor who is forced to make new drug by Kanryu Takeda. Yes, this guy, Kanryu is the black curtain of a new drug . One day, She runs away from him because she knows what she does is wrong. But his soldier, Jine Udo tries to catch her and bring her back. She runs to the police department, but Jine doesn’t care where it is, he kills the cops and still tries to get her but he failed and she runs away.

On the other side, thanks to Hitokiri Battosai, Kaoru Kamiya who is an instructor for Kamiya Dojo loses all students. At the time, she misunderstands that Kenshin is the culprit. After that, Kaoru is saved by Kenshin. Now everything is clear between them. As soon as they go back to her Dojo, Kanryu’s soldiers come to tell Kaoru to give them her property. But our superstar, Kenshin is with her! (*‘∀≦)d〃Of course, he takes care of this situation. Shortly, cops come and Kenshin takes responsibility for what happened. He is taken by cops and meets Aritomo Yamagata and Hajime Saito who know Kenshin. They ask him to cooperate in the investigation of a new drug. But Kenshin turns it down and is released. After this, he will be involved in a big mess of what is going on in Tokyo.


Main Characters


Kenshin Himura – Main character. He is the type of person who is usually cheerful but silly. He won’t let people imagine that he used to be an assassin man-slayer. After the certain incident, he stopped killing people. As being a ronin, he traveled around Japan and helped many people.

Kaoru Kamiya – Main character. She is an active girl who carries a justice. She teaches a Kendo in Kamiya Dojo. Since Kenshin saved her Dojo, he stays in her place. As they get through so many troubles, they will get close to each other.

Sanosuke Sagara – He shows up as Kenshin’s enemy at first but he loses a battle to him. He likes Kenshin’s personality and becomes a Kenshin’s best comrade. He is a type of person who is dependable. He has a powerful strength and tough body.

Yahiko Myojin – He is from a samurai family. Because of Meiji Restoration, he became an orphan. His father died in the war and his mother was sick. To pay her medical fee, he borrows money from Yakuza. After her death, he was forced to pickpocket to pay a loan. After he meets Kenshin and Kaoru, he starts to learn a sword skill at Kamiya Dojo.

Hajime Saito – He is a police officer for the Meiji government. He used to be a member of Shinsengumi. He knows Kenshin a lot because they used to fight over and over while the war. They are an old enemy and best rival but in their heart, they accept each other.

Megumi Takani – She is a doctor who dedicates her life to studying western medicine. She will be taken advantage of by Kanryu.

Kanryu Takeda – He has a business in underground as selling drugs and weapons. He wants the land where Kamiya Dojo is at for his business.

Jine Udo – Kanryu’s soldier. He kills people for money. He used to be a member of Shinsengumi.


How to find this movie


Year : 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie [Japanese Audio with English Subtitles] [All Region]

Rurouni Kenshin on Amazon

Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy [Blu-ray]

3 live action movies set on Amazon


Opening and Ending songs


The Beginning – ONE OK ROCK(A-Sketch)

The Beginning - ONE OK ROCK(A-Sketch)

The Beginning – ONE OK ROCK(A-Sketch)


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My Review


Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie Recommendation Chart

Do you have a good image of a live action movie? How do you watch them? I really don’t expect them to be great because I love anime. lol But I am not against live action movies either. I usually watch live action films as a totally different thing from original anime. When I finish watching them and don’t feel like I didn’t get pricked mean it is a success for me. (except for the story. I am talking about it doesn’t make me offend.) This is my way to watch live action movies. As I watched Rurouni Kenshin, what I want to say is it was a nice movie! I think actors and actresses made scenes well. Their actions were great! Just the story was pretty much normal and average. It’s been a long time to watch a series of Rurouni Kenshin but it makes me want to watch anime and read Manga again. It didn’t break the atmosphere of anime version so that means actors and actresses are good! (゚∀゚ノノ゙

I love Rurouni Kenshi so much and when I heard that they make a live action movie, I said noooooooooOOOOO but now I have watched it and I am glad I have watched! I don’t think you will be disappointed like Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Part 1. You can enjoy the world of Rurouni Kenshin in this live action movie! I recommend you guys to try this! Look forward to other 2 more Rurouni Kenshin live action movies review! \(#^「」^#)/

Anime : Rurouni Kenshin

Live Action Movie 2 : Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno

Live Action Movie 3 : Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends

Thank you for reading this post! You can rate this movie and talk about it below~ o(≧▽≦)o


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