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Black Skirt

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Dare To Show Your Wild Side


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A Skirt For Every Occasion

Skirt 2

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Can Be Dressed Up or Dressed Down

Skirt 3

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So Many Possibilities For This Skirt

Hello, everybody. How are you doing today? Today I want to talk to about Shibuya and it’s fashion. Shibuya is the fashion and entertainment district of Tokyo and one place I hope to hang out in one of these days. Shibuya seems to call out to the young people as well as the shops there. The shops are pretty much set up to attract teens and young people, there are some shops there that do cater to more age appropriate than just teen clothing. But hey who am I to say if you have the look and have the body for it what the heck, flaunt what you have and be confident. The young generation in Shibuya are very fashion conscious so be careful because what is popular this week may not be popular the next week.

Ruffled Shirt

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It’s So Beautiful To Last Forever


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What Would You Wear This With?

Chiffon Blouse

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Simply Beautiful

I have to ask who in this post has heard of Shibuya 109? As the name states Shibuya is the home to Shibuya 109. If you have been lucky enough to visit Shibuya I am sure that you were able to see the stylish building of Shibuya 109 the building itself makes a fashion statement, there are approximately 119 stores inside this mall. I am sure that you be able to find anything and everything that you are looking for. If you tell me you have been there I would be so jealous. Okay so enough about Shibuya 109, it makes me want to go to Japan hit the streets of Shibuya and start spending much money. Shibuya is the home of many fashion trends.

Lace Panel Dress

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Love This Dress

Mini Dress

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This Can Be Worn Anywhere

Mini Dress 2

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Simple Dress For Casual Day or Night

One of my most favorite fashion besides the Lolita fashion which I just wrote about in my other post is the Gyaru Fashion. I would love to see this fashion become popular in the US like it is in Japan. I love everything about this style, the big hair, the fake tan, the circle lenses, the fingernails, the clothes, and the shoes. Hmmmm…now I wonder do I want to be a Lolita or a Gyaru. Or maybe one week I can be Lolita and one week Gyaru because I love both fashions. I am getting off track again. Okay, back to Shibuya and it’s fashion, so the Gyaru fashion came from Shibuya. I have to say though no matter what prefecture you go to you will find that they all have their own fashions. I could go on all day and all night about the fashions of Japan just because there are so many and so diverse in their fashion. I buy Japanese and Asian clothing just because of the fact that I know that I will not be walking down the street and see someone else wearing the very same shirt that I do. I really hate that when it happens. I want to run at the speed of light into the next store I see and buy a different shirt.

Boots YesStyle US/ Global
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I Want A Pair


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Never Knew A Flip-Flop Could Be So Pretty

When you buy Japanese clothing you will find and see designs you just can’t get over here. I can safely say that I have never ever run into someone that had the same shirt, pants, dress, skirt, shorts, or shoes that I do. The Japanese people just seem to make everything look great no matter what they do. I don’t think it is possible for them to make anything look wrong lol. I tried to get as close as I could to Shibuya Fashion. I have posted banners one at the top and one at the bottom. If you don’t see anything you like on this post click on one of those banners and it will take you to the site. Don’t worry I won’t be offended lol. I will be doing a separate post on Gyaru soon for those who are interested in Gyaru or for those who just want to simply know who they are.

Belt 1

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These Belts Are So Cute, They don’t Take Up Much Room I Promise

Belt 3

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Don’t You Want One?

Belt 4

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Men Will Love These On You


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