Let’s learn Japanese culture! Shinto anime top 10!


Hello! I’m Mishi. Today, I want to show you the animes that are about Shinto. Shinto is a Japanese religion and there are many anime that are related to it. It is said that there is a rumor that anime like this way doesn’t get popular and I think that is true! Because as you will see the anime below, they are not that popular so I realized this rumor may be true…. I love the anime like this story but maybe, it has a jinx? (;・∀・) What do you think??

Well, I will show you my favorite 10 anime that are based on Shinto or Shinto shrine. I hope you will enjoy it! Let’s get it started! \( ̄^ ̄)/

*(I want to say that I accidentally chose 11 anime so actually, this would be top 11 anime. When I noticed it, I  was almost  finished to make this page so I decided not to erase it and show you.)




11: [email protected](ささみさん@がんばらない)


Sasami San Ganbaranai

This anime is hyper! The story might leave you behind. It is said that this is love comedy but this element isn’t the main theme. It is like more a relationship with friends.

The story is for Sasami who is Hikikomori lives with her elder brother named, Kamiomi who is a teacher. Hikikomori means you don’t go anywhere but shut-in in Japanese. Those people will experience the supernatural phenomenon which is created by an action of Yaoyorozu no kami(eight millions of gods).

This anime is out of control. But I want to watch anime like this when I get tired of a reality. It goes crazy so you might want to give up on watching it but when you are mentally tired of your life, probably, you would enjoy watching it. It is a little bit of Yuri(GL) way. I just want to let you know that.

Since the story mixes everything up together and you might get confused, so I suggest to watch it without having a logic of something! Just to watch it simply is easier to understand this anime.


10: Destiny of the shrine maiden(Kannazuki no Miko/神無月の巫女)


Destiny of the shrine maiden(kannazuki no Miko)

What do you think about this anime as you see the title? Let me say about the story first. The story is about normal high school girls who are chosen as the solar and lunar shrine maidens. Since they are the reincarnation of those, they will be targets for Orochi. Orochi is an evil that was sealed by Ameno Murakumo and two maidens long time ago. Now, Orochi awakens and those two chosen maiden is about to stop Orochi.

This anime has a triangle relationship at first. It contains Yuri(GL) element and this anime is not for everyone. Those two girls and one boy are included but eventually, the story will go for those two main girls. That is fine with me but I am not good at watching Robot battle. So, it chooses people to watch.

But I think it is kind of rare anime that Yuri(GL) anime can make moving scenes to try to get you to cry. If you don’t care about those elements, I recommend you to watch it! ☆ω☆*)


9: Kumamiko(くまみこ)


Kuma Miko

When I found this anime, I thought it would be a great one because of the picture. It is so cute and one of my favorite picture touch. You can guess that the story would be between a human and a bear. I was so excited to watch this anime but I think the story line made this anime look bad.

The story is about a 14 years old girl named, Machi and a bear named, Natsu. They live together and get along well. On top of that, Natsu can speak words. One day, they see snow falling outside. That means it is time for Natsu to hibernate. But adults are talking about making Natsu hibernate earlier. When Machi hears that conversation, she starts to think about how to live with Natsu together.

It sounds good, right? I think it is but as you watch it further, it gets negative and I was like this is not what I wanted to watch! I wanted to watch cute Machi and Natsu. The start of this anime and the end of this anime is a totally different anime. It didn’t go to the way I wanted to see so It was disappointing. I love the touch of pictures and music….. (´;ω;`)


8: Our Home’s Fox Deity(/Wagaya no Oinari Sama/我が家のお稲荷さま。)


Our home's fox deity(Wagaya no Oinarisama)

Japanese Shinto shrines = a fox. The reason why is because they make much of a fox. If you go to Japanese shrines, you will see foxes by their Torii gate. This anime is for everybody and even family. It is a funny comedy anime that I can recommend to watch it with everyone.

The story is Tenko Kuugen. Tenko Kuugen is a fox but also a guardian god at Takagami family’s house. Tenko Kouugen and Takagami family’s circumstance create trouble. It won’t get you bored to watch this anime. It is not a serious theme. Actually, it is a light comical one and you can relax to watch their usual life. You will like it when you want to watch anime lightly.


7: Gugure! Kokkuri-San(繰繰れ!コックリさん)


Gugure Kokkuri San

Kokkuri-San is like a Ouija Board in Japan. It is a table turning board for calling the spirit of a fox. A lonely little girl named, Kohina called a Kokkuri-San and the story begins. Kokkuri-San is supposed to possess her but he starts to get worried about her and somehow, he begins to help her. There are some more characters that will show up and support the Kohina’s life. It is Ikemen(good looking man) and the lonely girl’s usual life story.

This anime is also a comedy and Kawaii(cute) anime. It is fun to watch how those Yokai(Japanese ghost or monster) care about Hinata. It is great to see their relationship getting strong! But I don’t recommend you to play with a Ouija Board! (( ;゚Д゚))


6: Cat God(/Nekogami Yaoyorozu/猫神やおよろず)


Cat god(Nekogami Yaoyorozu)

As you see the picture, this is a moe, moe anime. Those little characters create a comedy story. Mayu who is a god of stray cats at the antique store that is owned by Yuzu. There are many gods who visit Mayu and they get Mayu involved into drama.

This anime is not to watch seriously. It is one of the anime that you don’t know what to watch but just want to watch anime. It is not bad but not good. Just moe characters and somehow, I liked the opening song. I don’t have much to say! If you want to watch cute characters that will goof around, I recommend you to watch it with a lazy feeling. Only moe characters pushed a rank up to 7. (‘∀`)




5: Red Data Girl(RDG)


Red Data Girl(RDG)

I wished this lasted longer than 12 episodes. It was a good one but you can tell that 12 episodes were not enough to finish this anime! It would be great if they could make more episodes.

The story is like this. A girl named, Izumiko who was raised by her grandfather at his shrine doesn’t know the outside of her circumstance. When Izumiko touches electric things, they break. She always thinks that she wants to have a normal life. One day, her old childhood friend named, Miyuki comes back to her town. This will cause her life to change.

This anime makes me want to cheer for the main characters. The growth of them and the change of their relationship are fun to watch. The story has a couple of confusing parts but the characters are quiet and fresh so I could enjoy watching it. I also like the touch of pictures. But after you watch all episodes, you might want to say you want to watch more!


4: Gingitsune(ぎんぎつね)



I love the story like this anime. It gives your warmth to watch it. It is one of the anime that shows you the daily life of the main character.

The story is about a girl named, Makoto and Gintaro who is a messenger of a god. Gintaro lives in a shrine which is owned by Makoto’s father and Makoto lives at this shrine. Gintaro has a bad mouth but he has a special ability and helps people with his ability.People can’t see his existence because he is a god. Only Makoto is able to see him. They don’t look like they get along but in their heart, they connect to each other. As they help each other, they build their relationship.

At first, I love the opening song and bought it! The story won’t change dramatically because the story is their daily life. It is one of the relaxing anime and doesn’t have a throne to anybody. This makes me want to get excited to imagine that every shrine has a god that we can’t see but somebody can see. This anime makes you want to go to many shrines! I recommend to people who are looking for anime like this to this anime!


3: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha(いなり、こんこん、恋いろは。)


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

This anime is a love comedy and one of my favorite anime. As you see the picture, I love the characters. This might be a girly anime if you are a guy, but worth watching it. The story is like this.

A girl named, Inari saved a fox named Kon in the river. The fox is actually a messenger of a god. This encounter lets Inari meet with Uka. Uka is the god at Inari shrine and Uka gives her a supernatural power as thanking her for saving Kon. After this event, Inari will experience her friendships, love, and her life with this supernatural power.

This anime takes place in Kyoto so people like me get excited to watch anime like this! There are many traditional things on this anime and it is good to understand Japanese culture. It makes me want to go to Kyoto so bad!


2: Kamichu!(かみちゅ!)



It comes down to the 2nd. Did you find an anime that you want to watch already? I love this anime’s setting. The story is about a girl named, Yurie. She is a normal junior high school girl who is a klutz but honest. One day, all of sudden, she becomes a god! If I say to my friends that I became a god, I am so sure that they would be gone from me but Yurie’s friends are not like that. The story talks about Yurie and her friend’s daily life.

What is great about this anime is the people. The people like her friends don’t doubt Yurie and accept her! The atmosphere is so warm and her clumsiness is forgiven by her cuteness! You just want to continue to watch and get stuck in the world view of this anime! This anime is for somebody who wants to feel a gentle feeling after finish watching!


1: Kamisama Kiss(Kamisama Hajimemashita/神様はじめました)


Kamisama Kiss

Probably, you would have known this one would come in first place. I didn’t betray your thought! This is a standard love comedy anime. This is a girly anime so the story goes by the point of the main character who is a girl. But it is fun to watch it because the story is great! Let me tell you the story!

The story is about a girl named, Nanami who loses her house because of the debt that her father made! While she doesn’t know what to do, she saves a guy named Mikage who was being chased by a dog. Mikage understands her situation so he gives her his property. Actually, Mikage is a guardian god of the shrine but since he gave her that place, she has to be a guardian god on the property. As she gets help from the messenger of a god named Tomoe and the others, she will start to fall in love with Tomoe. This is how she starts to live her life as a student and a god.

The story is simple to understand, the characters are cute and cool, the music is nice, and what more can I say? It is a great love comedy that is worth watching if you like to watch love comedy anime. (*^∀゚)ъ




These anime can show you the world of Shinto. Even if you don’t know what Shinto is, you will be able to enjoy watching these! Each anime that I showed you has its own personality and I hope you will be able to find your favorite anime. What I noticed from anime like these is mostly the daily life stories. But I love watching a story like that, so if you like that way, you would really be able to have fun!



Thank you for reading!






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