The 10 Japanese shrines that come on anime!

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Hello. I’m Mishi. Today, what I want to show you is the Japanese shrines that are on anime. Have you thought about wanting to go to the exact same places while you are watching anime? I always think that way while I’m watching anime. Do you think I’m crazy? (゚Д゚;) I hope not….. I hope you feel the same way…..

Well, there are many places that exist in Japan and many Japanese fans of anime visit those places. To visit those places that are on anime is called Seichi(聖地). Seichi means a sacred place and it is so popular for anime fans to do that in Japan! So, I decided to make the lists of the Japanese shrines that are on anime.

Can you remember those shrines on each anime? ヾ(≧∇≦)〃




Steins; Gate



Steins; Gate is one of the most famous anime and I’m sure that you know it! Ruka Urushibara who is a shrine maiden lives in Yanabayashi shrine on anime. It’s said that the model of Yanabayashi shrine’s building is Akiba shrine(秋葉神社). Ruka Urushibara is a Mayuri Shiina’s classmate in college. Ruka looks like a girl but actually, Ruka is a boy! Do you remember this character?


Akiba shrine(秋葉神社)

Akiba shrine

This is the Akiba shrine. Did you remember this place?? (^0^) If you watch episode 2, you will get to see this place. The angle of the picture is a little bit different. I think it was from the right side of this picture!

Akiba shrine is located at Tokyo prefecture, Daitou ku, Matsugaya 3-10-7.

Why don’t you stop by this shrine when you go to Tokyo??

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The Flower We Saw That Day(あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。)


The Flower We Saw That Day

There are many scenes for this temple on this anime!!They hang around the temple is called Teirin temple(定林寺) but that is a temple so I didn’t pick it up. This page’s title is a shrine so I chose the shrine on this anime.

Do you remember Menma and Jintan sit in front of the entrance of a shrine? You don’t remember that? That was an impressive scene! If you can’t remember that scene, you need to go back to watch it again! This shrine is called Chichibu shrine!


Chichibu shrine(秩父神社)

Chichibu shrine

Now, you remember this place, right? ((*´∀`))

Chichibu shrine is located in Saitama prefecture, Chichibu city, Banba machi 1-1.

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Girls und Panzer(ガールズ&パンツァー)


Girls und Panzer 3

This anime has been popular for a military Otaku! This anime contains a cuteness and boldness because those girls fight with their huge tanks. Those gaps made people addicted to this anime! But, a unique thing is a location to make a battle. They fight in the town and go around with their tanks! The town you see on this anime is from Ooarai machi.

And the shrine you can get to see on this anime is this! ε=\_○ノ


Ooaraiisosaki shrine(大洗磯前神社)

Ooaraiisosaki shrine

Do you remember these long stairs? This is insane! I’m not sure if I would be able to make it to the top! This anime uses Ooarai machi and everywhere you go in this place, you would get to see something and that is Girls und Panzer! If you are a fan of this anime, you should go to this town!

Ooaraiisosaki shrine is located at Ibaragi prefecture, Higashi Ibaragi gun, Ooarai machi, Isohama chou 6890.

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I don’t have this anime’s review so let me introduce this anime real quick! This is about a god named Yato, Yato is a delivery god. A delivery god’s job is to help people as getting paid 5 Yen(5 cents) by a client. While he was searching for a cat for his client, accidentally, he got this girl named Hiyori Iki, Hiyori Iki was involved in a car accident. Since this accident, Hiyori starts to be attacked by Yokai(Japanese ghost). To protect her, Yato fights many evil Yokai.


Yushima Tenman Guu shrine(湯島天満宮)

Yushimatenmanguu shrine

This place came out on episode 3. This place is for the god named, Sugawara no Michizane. He has many servants that are girls around him…. Yes! This place! Actually, he is known for the god of learning and many students come to visit this place!

Yushima Tenman Guu shrine is located at Tokyo prefecture, Bunkyo ku, Yushima 3-30-1.


Higurashi When They Cry(ひぐらしのなく頃に)


When They Cry

Let’s take a look at a scary anime! If you love the scary anime, you know this one, right? Hinamizawa(雛見沢) village is the place where the story takes. This town’s model is Shirakawa Gou(白川郷). This place is a beautiful village. It carries a Japanese traditional way and there are many tourists go to this place.

While you watched this anime, you saw the shrine. The shrine is this!


Shirakawa Hachiman shrine(白川八幡神社)

Shirakawa Hachiman shrine

Photo: Shrakawa hachiman Jinja by hohoho Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution


Does this picture remind you of what happened in the anime? In this village, there is a model house of Sonozaki family’s house, Hojo family’s house, and so on. This is one of the places that I want to go! What about you? ((((゚Д゚))))

Shirakawa Hachiman shrine is located in Gifu prefecture, Oono gun, Shirakawa mura, Ogi machi 559.




My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU(やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。続)


my teen 3

After the scary anime, let’s talk about this high school life anime so we can shake the chills off! If you know this anime, remember the time that they went to a shrine for the New Year. Hachiman, Yukino, Yui, and his sister, Komachi all went together and visited this place. Well, his sister, Komachi yelled at him. Yes, on that episode, you can get to see the shrine that I want to introduce.


Inagesengen shrine(稻毛浅間神社)

Inagesengen shrine

This shrine is for the goddess called Konohananosakuya Hime(木花咲耶姫). She is known as a goddess of pregnancy, easy delivery and raising children. If you have a chance to visit here with your young sister, I hope you will not be yelled at like Hachiman did…..

Inagesengen shrine is located at Chiba prefecture, Chiba city, Inage ku, Inage 1-15-10.

If you don’t know this anime yet, check below!


Lucky Star(らき☆すた)


Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a school comedy anime. The story is about the main character named Konata, Konata is an Otaku girl and her friends. There are many parodies of the other anime and if you can understand those, you must be Otaku too! (‘-^*) This anime describes their usual life and it is fun to watch them goof around!

Let’s see the shrine!


Washimiya shrine(鷲宮神社)

Washimiya shrine

Photo: Washimiya shrine Torii by Ocdp Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution


If you know this anime, you would probably notice this place. Because while the opening of this anime, you can get to see this place. The angle of the picture above is close to Torii gate but on the opening, you can see this picture from a far view. There are many Otaku people go to this shrine so this place is one of the most popular shrines for Otaku in Japan.

Washimiya shrine is located at Saitama prefecture, Kuki city, Washimiya 1-6-1.


Waiting in the Summer(あの夏で待ってる)


Waiting in the Summer

This anime is a love story anime! You can’t get to tell that one of the characters is an alien! Guess who?? (T-T ))(( T-T) That is the pink hair girl named Ichika, Ichika on the center of the picture. Well, she is not an alien like you are imagining! She comes from to space to the earth. This girl and a boy named, Kaito who has a camera on the left side will fall in love!

But my favorite character is behind Kaito. The girl who is named Remon. She is a mysterious girl! If you know this anime, you know what I’m talking about!


Kaiko shrine(懐古神社)

Kaiko shrine

Photo: Kaiko Jinja by 663highland Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution


This shrine comes on anime when they go to a summer festival. I remember they were eating so many yummy foods and having fun! When they have a festival in this place, they will have many street booths like you can get to see them on anime. Visit Kaiko shrine when they have a festival!

Kaiko shrine is located in Nagano prefecture, Komoro city, Chouhonmaruato 314.


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha(いなり、こんこん、恋いろは。)


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

This anime is a cute anime and the location is in Kyoto! You can see many traditional things in this anime. The girl named, Inari who is a junior high school girl saves a fox. This fox named Kon is a messenger of a god named, Uka. As Uka thanks to Inari, Uka gives her a supernatural power. This is how this anime starts!

The shrine that I want to show you is Uka’s shrine.


Fushimi Inari Taisha(伏見稲荷大社)

Fushimi Inari shrine

If you have watched this anime before, you know this picture. This same picture is on the opening with a song. It is such a beautiful building! 

You might be able to get to see Uka sama?? ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v

Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine is located in Kyoto prefecture, Fushimi ku, Fukakusayabunouchi chou 68.


Love live!


Love Live

The last one is love live. You know this anime already, right? Many people think this is Moe~ anime but that is not it! If you listen to the music, you will love this anime. There are many songs that are great! If you haven’t watched this anime with a prejudice yet, you should try watching it! I’m sure you will like this anime!

Anyway, there are many times that you can see the shrine on this anime. That is this place~!


Kanda Myoujin shrine(神田明神)

Kanda Myoujin shrine

It is in Tokyo so there are many Otaku people and tourists are there. They sell Love Live! things so if you are fan, you should definitely go!

Kanda Myoujin shrine is located at Tokyo prefecture, Chiyoda ku, Sotokanda 2-16-2.

If you don’t know this anime yet, check below!




How was it?? Could you enjoy it? I think to collaborate with anime is a great benefit for the local places. There are many people would visit there and revitalize the economy of those places. But you should have manners to visit those places. That is the big respect to the people who live in those places.

By the way, if you get to go to one of those places, you should check Ema. There are many peoplen who draw the anime characters on it and they sell anime Ema.

If you don’t know about Ema, check this page!





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