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Steins Gate

Hello. I’m Mishi! Today we are going to review the anime “STEINS;GATE”. This anime is originally from a game. There are many fans for this game. Do you want to know why? Then let’s take a look at this anime!




Rintaro Okabe is the main character of this anime who is a leader of the future gadget lab at Akihabara, Tokyo. Every day he invented stuff with Itaru Hashida and a childhood friend named Mayuri Shiina. One day, Rintaro saw this girl named Kurisu Makise laying on the floor with blood all over her and he texted Itaru about this. Right after that, Rintaro started to feel dizzy and he noticed that something crashed into the place where he was at, his text’s date is from a week ago. Without being able to understand what is going on around him, he gets a clue. He noticed that he invented a device that can send a text to the past. As he made an experiment with this device, he gradually understood that texting to the past modified the present day. That means if he texted about someone, that person’s past would be modified, and that person can’t remember because the memory is fixed but somehow, Rintaro can keep that memory. Since Rintaro modified the past of Kurisu as texting, she was saved. Rintaro and members of his lab get a help from her, and they improve the device. The device can now send memories to past people. This is a great invention but the story starts to move the way nobody wants. To invent a time leap machine causes them to get in trouble. A secret organization SERN tries to find out about the device, Rintaro invented the device and caused the murder of his childhood friend Mayuri. With his device, Rintaro decides to save Mayuri, but no matter how many times he tries, he can’t change the ending of the present world. As everybody feels pain for this, he finally comes up with an idea that he has to go to a different world to save Mayuri. But in another world, he faces a different ending….. Which way will he choose, can he save both of them or he can’t save anyone at all? He sacrifices himself and is suffering the pain. He also feels so much pressure on him. Where will this story go?


Main Characters


Steins Gate 1Rintaro Okabe – He is a founder of future widget lab. But the way he acts is immature. He loves to watch mecha anime. Through this anime, you can get to see him growing up. Oh forgot to say that he likes Dr. Pepper !!(●ω●;)




Steins Gate 2Mayuri Shiina – Rintaro’s childhood friend. She is a relaxed person and keeps her pace to do things. She works at maid cafe. She likes to make clothing for cosplay but she doesn’t cosplay herself.




Steins Gate 3Itaru Hashida – Rintaro’s friend. He is an Otaku who loves Moe~. He has a computer skills. He loves to go to maid cafe where Mayuri and Rumiho work at. He is also Hentai (´ヘ`;)



Steins Gate 4Kurisu Makise – She is a genius for science. Since she has a high pride, she doesn’t have a friend. She tends to look down on stupid things and people.




Steins Gate 5Moeka Kiryu – She is not good at talking to people but through text, she talks like a different person. If there is a tournament of how fast people can text, definitely she will grab a victory. That is why her nickname is shining finger. (;´∀`)




Steins Gate 6Ruka Urushibara – Mayuri’s classmate in college. His family runs a shrine. He??? Yes! Trust me, he is not she. He is a guy just looks like a girl. ( ゚д゚) (゚д゚ )




Steins Gate 7Rumiho Akiha(Faris Nyan-Nyan) – She works with Mayuri at maid cafe. She is from rich family. She lives with her butler but doesn’t like to act like she is rich.




Steins Gate 8

Suzuha Amane – She loves to ride a mountain bike. She knows a fighting a lot. She is good at socializing but she doesn’t like Kurisu. Sometimes her conversation is off. The reason why is because……



How to find this anime


Anime Studio : WHITE FOX

Episodes : 24 + special

Steins;Gate Volume 1 (Steins Gate Gn)

STEINS;GATE Manga in English on Amazon

Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic [Blu-ray]

Steins Gate DVD in English on Amazon






Movie : 2013 “STEINS;GATE Burdened Region of Deja-vu (Fukaryoiki no Deja-vu)”

Steins Gate Burdened Region of Deja-vu

Steins;Gate : Burdened Region of Deja-vu First Limited Edition (Blu-ray) English subtitles


Opening and Ending songs



Hacking to the Gate – Kanako Ito(いとうかなこ)

Hacking to the Gate - Kanako Ito

Hacking To The Gate – Kanako Ito


Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku – Phantasm (刻司ル十二ノ盟約 – ファンタズム)

Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku - Phantasm

Tokitsukasadoru Juni No Meyaku – Phantasm

Skyclad no Kansokusha – Kanako Ito (スカイクラッドの観測者 – いとうかなこ)

Another Heaven – Kanako Ito(いとうかなこ)

Another Heaven - Kanako Ito

Sky Kuraddo No Kansokusha /Another Heaven – Kanako Ito



Anata no Eranda Kono Toki wo – Kanako Ito (あなたの選んだこの時を – いとうかなこ)

Anata no Eranda Kono Toki wo - Kanako Ito

Anata No Eranda Kono Toki Wo – Kanako Ito


Itsumo Kono Basho de – Ayane (いつもこの場所で – 彩音)

Itsumo Kono Basho de - Ayane

Itsumo Kono Basho De – Ayane


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Mayuri Shiina Action Figure

Mayuri Shiina with Yukata clothing on JBOX

Kurisu Makise Action Figure

Kurisu Makise with Yukata clothing on JBOX











Kurisu Makise Figure

Kurisu Makise
Genius girl Kurisu!

Kurisu Makise Figure 2

Kurisu Makise
Another version of Kurisu!







Rintaro Okabe Action Figure

I don’t think I can get along with this guy……

Suzuha Amane Action FIgure

Suzuha Amane
You know she loves a bike!








My review

Steins gate

This anime has been popular because of the story. It is a typical time leap story but the way they composed each of the episodes are good. At first, you might think oh this is an otaku person goofing around, and hurt your eyes. Sometimes it is painful to watch how main characters act. But as the story goes, this typical type of Otaku character faces reality without hiding in a whole, naturally you will be drawn to this anime. You can get to enjoy Rintaro’s growth mentally and physically. Comical description to serious way, naturally it goes to that way and you will be wanting to watch the next episode. What I want to say is don’t stop watching until the end. Really at first story won’t move so at least until 12 or 13 episodes I want you to watch. Time leap story is usually confusing to understand. Especially for me, I really really get lost lol. This anime kind of made me confused but don’t worry! Like I said it is composed well so it describes what is going on for people like me! It is so kind! Arigato lol

This anime has been popular all over the world. Why don’t you watch this anime? I guarantee you will not waste your time!

Thank you for reading this review. You can rate and review this anime below!


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