Summer Wars : Don’t underestimate the connection of ours!

Summer Wars Blu rayHello! I am Mishi! Yoroshiku Onegaishima~~~~~~su!!! lol, This is one of my favorite phrases from Summer Wars. Today, I want to recommend to you guys is Summer Wars(サマーウォーズ). You can say why is Mishi going to introduce this movie now? (゚Д゚;) Yes….. I know this movie is 2009….. But you know good movies, anime and whatever doesn’t get old! This website has been here for a couple of months so….. let me introduce what I like! ¥^-^¥ Even though you know this film already, you can watch it again since it has been a long time, maybe?? ヾ(≧∇≦)〃Well….. let’s go to see this story!! Yoroshiku onegai shima~~~~~~su!!!




This is 2010. In this world, there is a virtual world which is called OZ on the internet. There are many users for OZ all over the world. Those users can access to OZ through a computer, cell phone, and TV. They have their own avatars and go shopping, pay taxes, pay bills or anything they can do on here. OZ has the strongest security to protect the people’s private information in the world.

One day, this high school kid who is the main character named, Kenji is invited to do a part-time job by a high school senior girl named, Natsuki who he has his feelings toward. Of course, he takes the job and decides to go to her hometown to do a part-time job.

When they arrive at her house, 26 members of her family were there to celebrate the birthday of her great- grandmother named, Sakae. All of a sudden, Natsuki asks Kenji to pretend that he is the fiancee of Natsuki. He gets so confused but he accepts her request and starts to pretend that he is the fiancee of Natsuki.

That night, Kenji gets a mysterious text on his cell phone. The mysterious text is written in a bunch of numbers. He likes math and he thinks that is a question for something so he answers the text. This is the entrance of huge trouble. Actually, that is the code to pass the administration of OZ.

The next day, OZ is taken over by an artificial intelligence called, Love Machine and this causes the world to be in a panic!! This is how the prologue of this crazy story starts!


Main Characters


Summer Wars Characters

Kenji Koiso(bottom left) – Main character. He belongs to the physics club at his high school. He is the type of person who is shy and introverted. He is good at math and has the ability to be a Japanese representative for the Olympic of math. He has romantic feelings toward Natsuki.

Natsuki Shinohara(bottom right) – Main character. She is a senior at Kenji’s high school. She is the member of Kendo club. She is a bright person who is popular at school but she is not interested in love because she grew up  and heard a bunch of complaints from her great grandmother, Sakae talked about her husband. If a man who is not her family touches her, she would throw that person. lol

Takashi Sakuma(upper right) – He goes to Kenji and Natsuki’s high school. He belongs to the physics club. He is part-time maintenance check for OZ with Kenji.

Kazuma Ikezawa(upper left) – He is the cousin of Natsuki. He is a junior high school kid. He is good at playing games and is a world champion of fighting games. In OZ world, he takes control of King Kazuma.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2009

Summer Wars (Blu-ray + DVD)

Blu-Ray, DVD, and Amazon Video are available!

Summer Wars, Part 1

Manga on Amazon!

Summer Wars: Material Book

Summer Wars: Material Book on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Bokura no Natsu no Yume – Tatsuro Yamashita (僕らの夏の夢 -山下達郎 )

Bokura no Natsu no Yume - Tatsuro Yamashita

CD on Amazon


Summer Wars O.S.T

Summer Wars O.S.T on Amazon


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Summer wars Action Figure Love Machine

Love Machine Action Figure
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My Review


Summer Wars Recommendation Chart

The title has the word of summer so I’m sure people want to watch this, every time the summer comes. I am one of them! I watch this movie every summer. It is not strongly about summer time but I think the reason why people want to watch in summer is because of the pictures and location. It is a local area of Japan and is so relaxing and nostalgic place. If you have watched many Japanese anime or movies, you have seen the scenery like this before. It is so relaxing and fresh. It makes me want to go to that place and enjoy Japanese summer. That is why I watch this every summer! It is also a nice comparison of the internet world and this local world. The busy place and slow place. Those parts come across each other and won’t make me feel bored to watch it all the way! (‘ω’*)

As you have seen the picture above, it looks like a quiet place but did you notice that there are many people in front of the background? What I have a problem with is there are many characters in this movie! o(・_・= ・_・)o I don’t even try to remember each one of them but they have an individual  personality and those part will amuse you for sure! I don’t have a big family like them but sometimes, I feel like I wished I had a big family like that! It would be so fun. But I am not sure if that is real world to me, probably, I would feel like such a pain?? Especially, if I become a teenager? I thought about that while I was watching it! Anyway, that family makes me feel the warmth. That is what I want to say!

The reason why I wrote connection on my recommendation chart is because the catch phrase of this movie is “The connection is our weapon”. I think it is a good phrase that goes along with the story of this movie. I am not going to spoil the story for you but without a connection of people, this movie couldn’t end. I said earlier that the internet world which is a virtual world and local world which is real world come across each other in this movie. You can get to see the connection of real world which is from a big family and the connection of virtual world which is from the people all over the world. All those people who those characters connect with would save their world! The gap between the internet world and the place where it looks like there is nothing to do with a technology would be the amusing point to watch! Personally, my favorite scene is Yoroshiku Onegaishima~~~~~su!!!!! This is the good point of this movie too for me! (∩´∀`∩) I hope you will find this scene!

I recommend this movie to all kinds of people! You can watch with whoever you want to watch with! Of course, with family too. It is one of the greatest anime movies in the world. Why don’t you try to watch this movie??

Thank you for reading this post! If you have time, there are more interesting anime or movies for you below!  Yoroshiku Onegaishima~~~~~su!!!!! (^.^/)))~~~bye!!


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