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Sushi VS Sashimi

Hello! How are you doing? Let’s talk about food again lol. Since I have posted articles about Sushi and Sashimi, I think I have to explain the difference between them and then together we can compare easily them on the same page. So I have decided to make this post Sushi VS Sashimi What is the difference?

Both are the traditional Japanese cuisine and known all over the world as you know already. You can enjoy how beautiful they are organized and the colors too. Japanese cuisines are not to just eat! You can get to enjoy the look of the foods and the taste. That is how Japanese do for everything. They consider about details. Well, Let’s take a look at differences!




What is the difference between Sushi and Sashimi?


Rice and Vinegar


Rice and Vinegar

Sushi has a rice which Sashimi doesn’t have. They make a rice with vinegar so the flavor of vinegar will be mixed with the flavor of fish. This will make the taste of the fish different. Eating raw fish without vinegar, you can get to tell the difference of Sushi and Sashimi. Sushi Chefs make Sushi as considering the food texture of rice so they try to make the best way to eat!


The way of cutting Sushi and Sashimi


The way of cutting Sashimi

Actually, as I said above, chefs know how to deal with fish. Next difference is the way they cut the meat of the fish are different. Generally, they slice the meat of fish crossing the muscular substance(There is an exceptional way to cut too. It depends on the fish) for Sushi and Sashimi. The difference in the way of cutting Sushi has another step to go. They cut across the muscular substance of the fish diagonally, when almost cut through, they bring the knife back to a straight angle. To do this, they can make the shape of a roof(It says not all Sushi chefs do this, but generally this is how they do with common skills of a Sushi chef.).

Do you want to know the reason why they do so? Okay, I will let you know! This way is to make Sushi look better when they serve them to customers. As I said earlier, Japanese cuisine is not all about the taste of the food. Japanese enjoy the look of food, how beautiful they are. Naturally, Japanese chefs consider about how to make dishes look beautiful.


The size of Sushi and Sashimi


Thickness is different. Sushi has rice under raw fish so it has volume already. Sushi chefs cut raw fish thinner than Sashimi on purpose to let people eat easily and make rice and fishes match each other. The bottom line is Sushi is to eat with rice so chefs will expect the customer to eat them together to enjoy rice and fish, a combination of taste.

Sashimi is to eat raw fishes itself with sauce so they cut thicker than Sushi on purpose. Sashimi is to enjoy the taste of fish as raw so they can cut a little bit thicker.




The side foods with Sushi and Sashimi


Side foods to eat them with are different. Sushi has a ginger on the side of the plate or on your table. Did you notice that?? This ginger has a couple of reasons, ginger is for changing your taste buds after you eat fish that has much oil or strong taste. It will reset your mouth and you can enjoy next Sushi in your mouth. Another reason is for getting rid of the smell of raw fish in your mouth. Ginger has a disinfectant effect in your body. Last reason is after eating raw fish that is basically cold, your body will decrease your temperature. So eating ginger can increase your blood circulation as well.

Sashimi is usually with Daikon radish, seaweed, edible small chrysanthemum, and Japanese herb(beefsteak plant). Those are for the look and cleaning your mouth with bactericidal effect. But it is mainly for a look in my search.


Sushi vs Sashimi 2


The left side of the picture is Sushi with ginger. The right side of the picture is Sashimi with Daikon radish, edible small chrysanthemum, and Japanese herb(beefsteak plant).


The sauces for Sushi and Sashimi


Soy sauce and container

Generally, when you eat Sushi and Sashimi, you use soy sauce to eat. This is a common thing but to eat Sashimi, there are more sauces. It is said that Sashimi is to enjoy eating with a flavor of the sauce.

Nowadays, when you eat Sashimi, you eat it with soy source but this eating style started from late Edo period(1603-1868). Before they started to eat Sashimi with soy sauce, they used to eat it with vinegar. They also used vinegar with Wasabi, vinegar with ginger, and water pepper vinegar too.

Right before they started to use soy source, they used Irizake(煎酒). Irizake is an old Japanese seasoning, which is made by putting pickled Japanese apricot into Japanese sake and boiling it down.

Except for Irizake, there were Sanshomisozu(山椒味噌酢)(Sansho is a Japanese pepper and Miso is a soybean paste), Sumiso(酢味噌)(vinegared miso), and so on.

There are many sauces that have been invented for Sashimi until they started to use soy sauce in late Edo period.




Which one would you prefer? I personally love both of them. They have their individual features and the background of them are so deep

If I make the relation of Sushi and Sashimi simplified, it is like comparing a Hot Dog and Sausage over here. I don’t mean to disrespect but I want you to have the whole picture of this relation. You want to enjoy food with itself or add different material and eat them together. Even if you are eating same foods, you can make taste different! Food is to enjoy your life! Today we learned food is also to enjoy to look too! Well, this is the difference of Sushi and Sashimi.

I talked about their history on the other pages. In case you want to know more about them, I have other pages for Sushi and Sashimi.

Check those pages out!




I hope you enjoyed reading today!

See you later!





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