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Sword Art Online


I am a big fan of this anime! I also bought Sword Art Online game Re: Hollow Fragment on ps 4 and am playing now little by little. I love RPG game! I think I will talk about this game later on. This anime is on Adult Swim channel. This kind of story might not be too far way and might really happen in our real world because after a couple of years Playstation VR(Virtual Reality) will be released soon lol. Well if it really happened, that would be a nightmare! What if this really did happen? What would you do?




Kirito is the main character who is a gamer jumped into VRMMORPG(Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game) which over 10000 people are playing, this game is called Sword Art Online. Those 10000 people enjoy virtual world until founder of this game also Gamemaster Akihiko Kayaba reveals that until they beat the last boss of this game, they can’t go back to real world. On top of that, if you get beaten by a monster in this world, you will actually die!! While you are playing this game, you have to wear nerve gear on your head and have to make your body relax on bed or some place comfortable. The nerve gear needs to be connected to your head, if somebody in the real world would take that gear off, the person who is playing the game in the virtual world would die, because of the massive microwave attacks to their brain! As a matter of fact, 213 people have passed away by doing that very thing. What a cruel game!!!!!!

Before Akihiko Kayaba finished what he wanted to say, he gave online player a present. The present that was given to the players is what they actually looked like in real life is how they looked in the game! He replaced their aviator they created on that game, in the real world this became sensational news. For those people who are playing this virtual game, they have to be sent to hospital to get nutrition! This happens because they can’t log out of the game, they can’t even get up to move their real body in the real world! After they heard what Akihiro Kayaba said, they lost all hope in ever being able to leave the virtual world! While most people felt this way Kirito didn’t share those feelings, he decided that he will survive in virtual world and come back to real life.

A month has passed, over 2000 people died playing Sword Art Online game. This game has become too hard to go on, nobody can even make it to the next floor.(By the way, this game has floors 1 to 100)People are getting tired of playing the game and start to look for something to take it out on. Before this game had been released, Akihiko Kayaba collected some people to let them play this game as Beta version, Kirito was one of the people that have experienced this Beta version of Sword Art Online. Player’s who are stuck in this world start to complain about those people who played the Beta version, those who played Beta version know what to do, how to make money, and how to beat the boss better than people who are playing this game for the first time. Beta players have the advantage over the first time players, especially if you know what to do on game.

Feelings of frustration about being stuck in the game and real death, it was hard to go on. All the frustration and people’s negative feelings caused a conflict and they started to blame on Beta tester. Beta tester + Cheater = Beter that what people were calling them. Kirito takes their blaming on himself alone not to let them blame fall on other Beta testers. He plays the bad side of Beter on purpose, he tries to save people’s life even though he makes himself look bad! Now what will happen? How will he be able to manage to get out of virtual world?


Main Characters


Sword Art Online Kirito

Kirito(Kazuto Kirigaya) – Main Character. Asuna will be his wife on the game later on. After he was born, he lost his parents. He was adapted by his mother’s sister and her husband. When he was 10 years old, he accidentally heard that his parents passed away. Since that, he has started to not socialize with people and he has gotten into a game world.

Sword Art Online Asuna

Asuna(Asuna Yuki) – Main Character. Kirito will be her husband later on. She is from the elite family that expects her to go to the same way. She has gotten tired of being unable to do what she wants to do and started to play a game. This experience will change her life!

Sword Art Online Yui

Yui – Kirito and Asuna will become her parents on the game later on. She is a counseling robot for healing the player’s mental care on the game. She has the rich emotions like a human.

Sword Art Online Leafa

Leafa(Suguha Kirigaya) – Kirito’s sister in low(cousin). She has a sword skill because she goes to Kendo Dojo in her real life.

Sword Art Online Silica

Silica(Keiko Ayano) – She is the one of players who got involved with SAO’s incident. She has a little dragon partner, Pina.

Sword Art Online Shinon

Shinon(Shino Asada) – She is from seasons 2. She lost her father when she was young and her mother mentally became weak. Since that, she has carried her responsibility so she acts like a grown-up person.

Sword Art Online Yuuki

Yuuki(Yuuki Konno) – She is from season 2. She has a great sword skill but she has a huge problem in her real life. I’m sorry but I will not spoil you! (@’ω’@)


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : A-1 Pictures

Season 1 : 25 episodes

Sword Art Online 1:  Aincrad

Sword Art Online Manga on Amazon

Sword Art Online DVD I: Aincrad Part 1

Sword Art Online DVD I : Aincrad Part 1 English subtitles on Amazon







Season 2 : 24 episodes

Sword Art Online II: Vol. 1 (Episode 1-7)

Sword Art Online II: Vol. 1 in English subtitles on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


First Season


crossing field – LiSA

crossing field - LiSA

Crossing Field – Lisa

crossing field

MP3 on Amazon

INNOCENCE – Eir Aoi (藍井 エイル)




MP3 on Amazon


Yumesekai -Haruka Tomatsu (ユメセカイ – 戸松遥)

Yumesekai -Haruka Tomatsu

Yume No Sekai – Haruka Tomatsu

Overfly -Runa Haruna (春奈るな)

Overfly -Runa Haruna

Overfly – Luna Haruna


MP3 on Amazon

Niji no Oto – Eir Aoi (虹の音 – 藍井 エイル) from CD album AUBE

Niji no Oto - Eir Aoi

Niji no Oto – Eir Aoi from CD album AUBE

Niji No Oto

MP3 on Amazon

Second Season


IGNITE – Eir Aoi (藍井 エイル)

IGNITE - Eir Aoi

Ignite – Eir Aoi


MP3 on Amazon

courage -Haruka Tomatsu (戸松遥)

courage -Haruka Tomatsu

Courage – Haruka Tomatsu


Startear – Runa Haruna (春奈るな)

Startear - Runa Haruna

Startear – Runa Haruna


No More Time Machine -LiSA

Shirushi(シルシ) – LiSA

Shirushi - LiSA

Shirushi/No More Time Machine – LiSA


MP3 on Amazon

Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Sword Art Online Action Figure Asuna

Movable figure! This is more than a figure!

Sword Art Online Action Figure Kirito(Girl Version)

Movable figure with Accessories! He is Moe~~

Sword Art Online Action Figure Sinon

Movable figure with gun! Shinon is yours!

Sword Art Online Action Figure Silica with Pina

Silica chan Kawaii!

Sword Art Online Figure Anime Asuna and Yui

Welcome home Papa!

Sword Art Online Action Figure Leafa

Out of my way~



My Review


Sword Art Online Recommendation Chart

Kirito has typical Netgamer character that knows knowledge, timing of making decision, strategy for games. But he lacks communicating with other players little bit, he plays games too much alone all by himself. Don’t get me wrong! He is not a bad kid, as meeting many players in the online game, especially Asuna, he will change his life little by little. As watching anime, I always enjoy watching characters growing up mentally andphysically. Even though changing life is not main concern for this anime, I still get to see him growing up and changing.

I liked the concept of a anime. They can get into game world with their body and enjoy a game there. I think there are many young people supported this anime to be popular. Because of online game. I am sure there are many people want to play a game like this.

It is not totally action adventure anime but actually battle scenes are not bad. It is cool! There are many weapons there for people to use in that game. So Each character fight differently that could let you enjoy watching fighting scenes!

For otaku, I just let you know the element of Moe~ is in this anime. That is one of the reasons why it got popular I am so sure. lol (If you want to know what Moe~ is click on it and let you jump on my other post!) Basically on this anime, it is just Kirito and bunch of girls. (Of course, he has some friends are guys.) So naturally Moe~ would happen you know!

Anyway, this is my review of sword art online.Thank you for reading!

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