Tekkonkinkreet : A moral obligation and human feelings!

Tekkonkinkreet PosterHello! I’m Mishi. The summer time has started! Do you enjoy watching anime?? (`Д´≡`Д´)?? I hope you guys enjoy the summer time. Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is Tekkonkinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート/Tekkonkinkurīto). I will show you why this movie is great! There are many fans for it! Let’s go and take a look at what it is like! ( ・ω・)




This place is called Takaramachi where is made of by a sense of moral obligation and human feelings. In this place, two kids who are orphans make their living in the street. Their home is a scrapped car and live their life as a homeless. To make their living, they commit crimes and live their life day by day. Their names are Kuro and Shiro. They have an incredible physical ability and go around Takaramachi like it is their yard.

One day, this town faces a state of the game that might change the circumstance of Takaramachi. This game is called Kiddy Kastle. This is a fishy construction project and This project will bring a bunch of Yakuza(Japanese gangsta), assassins and weirdos…… Thier town, Takaramachi will turn into a battlefield and they will get involved in this incident. Can they protect what they cherish for?


Main Characters


Tekkonkinkreet DVD Japanese

Kuro/Black(left) – Main character. He is like an elder brother to Shiro. He seems like he is desperate to the world. He is the type of guy who expresses himself as his violence. He is so protective to Shiro. He believes that the definition of his existence is for Shiro.

Shiro/White(right) – Main character. He is like a young brother to Kuro. Unlike Kuro, he is a type of kid who is pure, honest, selfish and crying baby. He loves a watch. He has an issue on his head but that part makes him attract to people on this movie.

Suzuki – He is a Yakuza who believes a fortune‐telling. He used to be in this town but Fujimura chased him a lot and he left this town but he came back. He loves Takaramachi and he is against the project of  Kiddy Kastle. He is good at reading people’s mind.

Fujimura – He is a police in Takaramachi. He doesn’t like Kuro and Shiro but he is also worried about Kuro and Shiro like he is their parent.

Snake – He belongs to the mysterious organization. He is in charge of Kiddy Kastle in Takaramachi.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : STUDIO 4℃

Year : 2006

Tekkon Kinkreet Blu-Ray

Tekkon Kinkreet Blu-Ray on Amazon


Amazon Video

Tekkon Kinkreet / Black & White


Opening and Ending songs


Theme Song

A Town in Blue (或る街の群青) – ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

A Town in Blue - Asian Kung Fu Generation

A Town in Blue is in the CD Album of World World World on mp3 Amazon

Aru Machino Gunjo - Asian Kung Fu Generation

A Town in Blue – Asian Kung Fu Generation


Tekkonkinkreet Soundtrack

Tekkonkinkreet Soundtrack


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My Review


Tekkonkinkreet Recommendation Chart

This movie gives you much information in a short time. At first, I was catching up with what is going on but after a while, it got me confused so I started to watch this movie without thinking anything. I think this way is good to watch this movie. This movie is not to think! It is to feel! (;・∀・)ハッ? Don’t you get what I am saying? You have to feel what they are doing on this movie like each character is doing whatever they have to do with their mind. It is good to watch it over and over to make the story clear but I think the impression is important. Look at the ingenious graphic picture! It is so detailed! Even though the story is going, I was looking around pictures to pictures. I love the sense of Tekkonkinkreet world. But some people might not like it. It is an impression that is the key to this movie.

Let’s talk about the story. This is about an underground world where they are chasing money. Nothing is beautified so you will see the people’s dirt, violence, desire and greed. If you say this movie is shabby, I won’t refuse you but I think you will notice that there are always two things that are sitting against each other. It is like good and bad, light and darkness, justice and crime. This movie definitely shows you the dark side but even if it is a negative feeling, there is light in it too. Those main kids are the symbol of light and darkness. On this movie, I should say in Takaramachi town, there is love, friendship, a sense of moral obligation and human feelings. It lets you feel the humanity and this will let you get into the world of Tekkonkinkreet.

Even though the picture overcomes the story, it is still a good movie. The music blended in the graphic and the story and that makes me want to go to Takaramachi. Even though many bad guys are there!  (;・∀・) It looks like the drastic atmosphere and actually, it is but there is warmth there too. Sometimes, you can get to see that part and would let you feel the warmth. Bottom line, everybody has their emotions and feelings. Each character has those too. You can see those parts many times. That is why I wrote the title is a moral obligation and human feelings. This is how Yakuza world goes. This is how Zato Ichi goes. lol I think this movie is not for kids. It is more suitable to an adult and I recommend people who want to see the deep world of Takaramachi!

By the way, this movie will stink with a humanity in your room so prepare the Febreze in the case of you need to change the air. (‘-^*)

Thank you for reading this post! I have to go so see you later soon~ (●´3`)~♪


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