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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is The Anthem of the Heart (心が叫びたがってるんだ。/Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda). This movie’s director is Tatsuyuki Nagai who is the director of The Flower We Saw That Day. But unfortunately, this movie has not been known much by people!! I think we should know this movie and you can tell your friends! @^-^@ Let’s take a look at the world of The Anthem of the Heart! I hope you will be interested in it! ( ^,_ゝ^)




Jun Naruse who is a girl in high school that has trauma. When she was a young girl, she found out her father was cheating on her mother. She saw them coming out of a castle building which is a love hotel but she didn’t know about it and talked to her mother about it. That caused her parents to break up. Before her father left her house, he told her that it is all her fault. At the same time, a fairy of the egg came and put a curse on her to have a stomachache if she tries to talk. Since this time, she hasn’t been able to speak a word.

People at her high school look at her as weird because she can’t speak and when she wants to say something, she always writes it on the paper or text them. One day, she and her classmates, Takumi Sakagami, Natsuki Nito, and Daiki Tasaki are nominated for a committee of exchanging meeting with locals by their teacher. They are not really friends with each other so they resist but it is decided by their teacher.

While they don’t know what to do for an exchanging meeting, their teacher suggests them to stage a musical. Jun gets excited about it but Takumi and Natsuki don’t show a good sign for it.(Daiki didn’t show up to this conversation with their teacher at this time.) Takumi asks Jun that if she wants to stage a musical. At this time, Jun explains to him on the texts about the reason why she became unable to speak a word. She also tells him that if she sings a song, she can break her curse. After that, she will notice she can sing without having a stomachache.

They announce to their classmate that they will stage a musical but as everybody in her class knows that she can’t speak so it will cause a fight….. I wonder if she will successfully be able to make it! The story is about a girl who tries to break through her trauma in her past.

The Anthem of the Heart Character

Main Characters


The Anthem of the Heart Blu-Ray

Jun Naruse (center right) – Main character. She has trauma in her past. That causes her not to be able to speak a word. If she tries to speak something, she gets a stomachache. This makes her enrich her emotions and body language ironically. When she has to say something, she texts or writes on the paper. She lives with her mother. Her mother comes home late from her work so she cooks dinner. She will notice that she can say something as singing a song so she will ask Takumi to make a song for her.

Takumi Sakagami (left) – Jun’s classmate. He is a quiet and calm boy who looks like a cold person. He is a member of DTM(Desk Top Music) club at his school. He lives with his father and his grandparents. He loves music but that caused his parents to fight and they divorced. Since that, he hasn’t played his music instrument.

Natsuki Nito (center left) – Jun’s classmate. She is a captain of the cheerleaders at her school. She and Takumi used to go to the same junior high school and they used to date each other. She is still in love with Takumi. As Jun and Takumi get closer to each other, sometimes, she gets jealous of Jun.

Daiki Tasaki (right) – Jun’s classmate. He is a member of the baseball club at his school. He could almost go to the national tournament match but he hurt his elbow. His personality is rough so he tends to be recognized as a rude person but he is just a straight up person.

How to find this movie


Anime Studio : A-1 Pictures

Year : 2015

 The Anthem of the Heart Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray on Amazon~

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Nogizaka 46 – Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru (乃木坂46 – 今、話したい誰かがいる)

Nogizaka 46 - Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru CD

Nogizaka 46 – Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru

Background song

Harmonia – Kotringo



The Anthem of the Heart soundtrack

The Anthem of the Heart OST on Amazon (Harmonia is on this CD)

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The Anthem of the Heart Natsuki Nito Keychain

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My Review


The Anthem of the Heart Recommendation Chart

This movie is for somebody who wants to shed a tear. 。゚・(ノД`)人(´Д`)人(Д` )・゚。 Probably, as you have read the story, you might feel the negative atmosphere. Well, it is a negative story but you won’t feel that bad because the story describes the growth of the main character, Jun. Totally, it is a positive story for me. The story gets along with the theme of this movie which is about Jun and is composed excellently, especially toward the end. After you finish watching, I think you will feel fresh. It has its pros and cons about the last part but as it is, I think that is fine. Because at least, you can get to tell that she has changed. I wonder how you will feel about the last part. (‘-^*)

What makes this movie great for me is the music. I should say for them to stage the musical. Music is not directly main the theme of this movie but it effects great warmth for the story. It is not like Love Live! anime that is for music but through songs, and through a musical, Jun starts to express her emotions and that beautifies this movie. It will bring you a moving feeling, especially if you can feel her mother’s feelings. I empathized myself to her mother and that hit me so hard….. There are many good songs you will get to hear. It is one of the points for this movie. If you can enjoy the musical they perform, you will need a tissue! ☆(ゝω・)v

The story is a girl who recovers from her trauma but there are many elements are in this movie too. Adolescent people who struggle for their worries, their relationship between their family, friends, classmates and them, her class which tries to achieve their goal together and all of them are mixed well then create a good drama. You can easily get to pick the theme of this movie.

Since I have watched this movie, what makes me think is, of course, the words. The words can make us happy and save us but on the other hand, they would make us sad and make us die too. The words have a dual nature which we don’t notice much as we live in our usual life. I felt like this movie made me notice something important. We sometimes say something we don’t have to say but that is who we are. As we make a mistake every day and try to learn from it to not make the same mistake. The words can save you but also kill you! This is something I have never thought before. I think I am glad to watch this movie.

I think while you guys were reading the story above, some people might think what?? a fairy of egg?? Yes, I am sure now why it is so. We sometimes have to break the shell to go to the next step. This movie encourages us to go forward! I recommend to people who are in a slump right now. You might be able to have a hint of breaking the wall in front of you like Jun did!!

At last, 心が叫びたがってるんだ。/Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda means directly A Heart wants to shout in Japanese. Look! Jun could shout her words from the bottom of her heart with music and break her shell! What does your heart want to say?? Let them out and express them, otherwise, nobody would be able to understand! The word has a spirit that is what Japanese says! It might be true. This movie makes me think so. I hope you will feel something from this movie even though you don’t get moved like I did. lol 

Another movie for talking about a word is The Garden of words

Thank you for reading this post! You can shout but don’t shout in the crowd! They will look at you like Wow….. lol Bye Bye ~! (・∀・)/~~


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