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The Dagger of Kamui DVD in Japanese

Hello! How have you been? I am Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is The Dagger of Kamui (カムイの剣). It is a classic anime movie that you might want to know if you are an anime fan! I love to watch classic anime! Even though it is old graphics. If it is a good story, who cares?? ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ Those old anime have stimulated the new anime that watch now! Old anime has the foundation of recent anime! Let’s dig down the history of anime, today! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ




When the pirates used to rule the ocean, Captain Kidd spent his whole life to find treasures and left them all over the world. The place of his treasures has not been found.

This is the end of Edo period. (The end of Edo period is generally in 1853 to 1869) While the influences of Western countries try to land in Japan, there is a kid who has the bloodline of Ainu(Indigenous people of Japan) named, Jiro who is the main character. He lives with his stepmother named, Tsuyu and a stepsister named, Sayuri in their village.

One day, Tsuyu and Sayuri were murdered by somebody. At this same moment, he finds a mysterious dagger. The villagers put a false charge on Jiro and chase him away from the village. He runs away from his village with the dagger. After this happened, he meets with Tenkai who is a Shogun’s undercover agent called, Oniwaban and he will be raised and trained as a Ninja.

When he grows up, he decides to go on a journey for the mystery of his birth and his father. Without knowing the existence of a black curtain, he tries to find the clue of what he is looking for……


Main Characters


Jiro – Main character. He is the son of Tarouza and a lady of Ainu named, Oyaruru. He used to live with his father’s wife named, Tsuyu and his stepsister named, Sayuri but they both are murdered by somebody. After that happened, he is raised and trained by Tenkai and he goes to look for the mystery of his family.

Tenkai – He is a chief of the Shogun’s undercover agents called, Oniwaban. Usually, he disguises himself as a Buddhist monk at a temple. It seems like he knows the secrets of Jiro’s father.

Oyuki – Tenkai’s Ninja. She will pursue Jiro, everywhere he goes!

Tarouza – Jiro’s father. He used to be a Ninja when he was alive. He was looking for the treasure of Captain Kidd on the orders of Satsuma Domain.

Geronimo – The legendary instructor of the Native American. Chico’s adoptive father.

Chico – She will be saved by Jiro. Geronimo’s adoptive daughter. She is French.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 1985

The Dagger of Kamui DVD

DVD on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Kamui no Ken – Noriko Watanabe (カムイの剣 – 渡辺典子)

Kamui's Sword The Dagger of Kamui soundtrack

Kamui no Ken is in this O.S.T


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My Review


The Dagger of Kamui Recommendation Chart

This story is so magnificent! The reason why is because the story doesn’t take place only in Japan. The main character goes to the United States too. It is an interesting story and a large scale of worldview. It won’t get you bored to see him going around the different places. It has it’s own unique atmosphere and the music and will take you on a great adventure for sure! (´ω`*)

The story contains many genres! For example, sword action, revenge, ethic, Western, and of course, Ninja too. It has been packed  with too many kinds of stuff in this movie and I myself got full after finished watching it!       o口(・ω・`)…Σ(´*ω*)、;’.・ It has a thick quality of content and I think it is worth watching this movie. If you think this is just a classic anime and look down on this anime, you will be felt like you are punched like this! (o ̄∇ ̄)=◯)`ν゜)・;’ Or Jiro will come and get you! ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)

This movie is a little bit longer than usual movies. It is 132 minutes and some people think this is too long to watch! Me too. That is what I felt at first but it made me forget about time. As I said earlier, the main character goes to different places so it didn’t get me bored and the music presses the scenes to move in a lively way. Not only that, the story goes with nice tempos so it made me feel good to watch and you won’t worry about time at all. I don’t know why this movie has not been known much by people but I definitely think it is a good anime. Well, you can’t say anything about the graphics because it is old but the story, music, and composure are more than I thought about this movie. Actually, the graphics have it’s own old taste and that creates the mood of this Ninja story finely. I am the type of person who can watch the black and white old movies so it didn’t bother me at all. By the way, let’s not talk about him going abroad and talk to foreigners in Japanese! That is a nonsense conversation! (*^o^*)

I said whatever above but what I want to say is this is a good movie that not many people know yet. It has been so long since 1985 but I think this anime should be valued more by anime fans. This is my opinion but what do you think?? (´д・)つ If you have watched this anime, let me hear your opinion. I recommend this movie to the people who like all kind of stories in one movie. If they had more time for this movie, they could put time for making those characters better but oh well, other things cover that part so I am not going to say much about it! If you look down on the old anime, you will be hurt! That is what I want to say to you guys. Lol, Be careful! (‘-^*)

Thank you for reading this post! I think I will post more classic anime from now on! (^.^/)))~~~bye!!


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