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Hello! Mishi is here! Today we are going to review an anime. It is called The Lost Village (迷家-マヨイガ-/Mayoiga). This anime is a suspense and mystery. I love this genre so much! Let’s take a look at the inside of this anime! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪




This is a story about people who joined a bus tour for the purpose of redoing their life. There are 30 people who joined this tour. Each person has a reason why they want to get out of their life and start a new life. Mitsumune as the main person who is a high school student who joined this tour with his childhood friend Hayato. They become a missing person on purpose and try to live their new life in a village called Nanaki Mura. Nobody really knows this village because it is an urban legend.

Whatever the reasons they have, this bus takes them to the village where it looks like people used to live in until while ago. Is this the village where they want to go to? What happened with the people who used to live in this village and what is going to happen to people who joined in this tour of redoing their life?


Main Characters


Mitsumune – Main character. He is a high school student who is a childhood friend with Hayato. He is a relaxed person. He lost his twin brother when he was a child. Since his mother mentally has a sick, she calls him his twin brother’s name, Tokimune. His father asked him to be Tokimune in front of his mother so he spends his life as Tokimune at home. He tends to believe people.

Masaki – She is a high school student who is a honest girl. She sometimes become a wonder.

Hayato – Mitsumune’s childhood friend. He overprotects Mitsumune and expects Mitsumune to follow him.


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : diomedéa

Episodes : 12 episodes


Opening and Ending songs



Genso Drive – Ami Wajima (幻想ドライブ – 和島あみ)

Genso Drive - Ami Wajima

Genso Drive – Ami Wajima


Ketsuro – Rina Katahira (結露 – 片平里菜)

Ketsuro - Rina Katahira

Ketsuro – Rina Katahira


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


It is a new anime so coming soon! _| ̄|○




My review


The lost village Recommendation Chart

This anime is so mysterious. You really don’t know what is going on. This anime doesn’t reveal the situation much so that gets me watching next to next. The way this anime goes makes me so excited to watch this anime. But what I can tell you is something is going on in this village!! ((((;゚Д゚))) I don’t know what it is but those characters start to notice something weird is going on little by little like me! Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚) This mysterious situation makes characters feel so insecure, nervous and scared like me. ( ;´Д`) They mentally get crazy and start to doubt each other and cause a lot of problems to each other. They got out of a reality but get chewed by unreality. This is how this anime goes.

There are 30 characters and each one has such strong personalities. You will find so many characters that you hate. LOL Bossy person, otaku person, psychopath, jerk, edgy person, ex-convict person, and naive person. All kinds of people are there in this anime that makes their circumstance so complicated. Their negativity and selfishness affect other people and create an ugly situation. As watching horror or suspense show, you know you always find the jerk and wish that person need to go first right? You will feel that sense over and over on this show!

I am so excited to see how this anime goes. Each episode will torture you to think what is going on! As the story goes, things will get deeper and deeper to get your attention. I hope you will enjoy this anime without falling into distrust of others. (llФwФ`)

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