The Place Promised in Our Early Days : Ending is beginning!

The Place Promised in Our Early Days DVDHello! How have you been? I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is The Place Promised in Our Early Days (雲のむこう、約束の場所/Kumo no Muko, Yakusoku no Basho). It is kind of hard to categorize this movie but I categorized this movie as sci-fi and love story. This movie’s director is Makoto Shinkai and his 2nd movie. I am sure that there are many fans of him! Let’s check how he made another movie! ъ( ゚ー^)




This is Japan that has been split into North and South. North side of Tsugaru Strait has been occupied by Union and Southside has been occupied by U.S.A.(Tsugaru Strait is between Hokkaido and mainland of Japan. I don’t have to tell you this but this story is a fiction.)

In 1996, Hokkaido was occupied by Union and renamed Ezo. Union builds the tall tower in Ezo and this tower causes Union and U.S.A to have military tension.

Hiroki and Takuya live in Aomori which is located by the Tsugaru Strait on the mainland. They long for going to the tower in Union with their airplane which they are building and named it Bella Ciela.

They have a girl who they are in love with at their school. Her name is Sayuri. She gets interested in them building their airplane and they decide that one day, they will take her to the tower in Union with their airplane.

But suddenly, she disappears without telling them. They get upset about what happen to her. At the same time, Hiroki chooses to go to high school in Tokyo and they stop building their airplane and after 3 years later…..

What happened to her and will they be able to fulfill their dream to take her to the tower with their airplane???


Main Characters


Hiroki Fujisawa – Main character. He is a type of person who tends to take something seriously. He is kind of childish boy. After graduating from his junior high school, he goes to high school in Tokyo. He starts to learn how to play the violin.

Sayuri Sawatari – Main character. She is the girl who Hiroki and Takuya are in love with. Her personality is bright but she looks like a fragile person. She can play the violin. She is looking forward to riding in their airplane to go to the tower of Union but something happens to her and she disappears from Hiroki and Takuya all of sudden.

Takuya Shirakawa – Unlike Hiroki, he is the type of person who is mature for his age. After graduating from junior high school, he goes to high school in locally. He is good at learning physics and he researches about the tower of Union.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Comix Wave

Year : 2004

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

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The Place Promised in our Early Days

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song and Soundtrack

Kimi no Koe – Ai Kawashima (きみのこえ – 川嶋あい)

The Place Promised In Our Early Days (Kumo No Mukou, Yakusoku No Basho)

Kimi no Koe – Ai Kawashima is in the soundtrack


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My Review


The Place Promised in Our Early Days Recommendations Chart

This movie is difficult to understand so I have watched it again and started to get the place where I was confused at. It is kind of hard to understand the situation of this movie sometimes but except for that, it was a good movie. What I like about his movies is he mixes the reality and fiction and the story goes. They live in the place where it exists and you can get to see the real life but what is happening on this movie is fiction. It is not much sci-fi but it is part of sci-fi. That makes me feel like I am dreaming right now! On top of that, the graphics are so beautiful and somehow it is so nostalgic touch. As if you are watching a dream on the movie. The feeling of illusion will make me forget about the storyline and I feel like I want to be in here forever! It is addicting to me. His unique world is still here on this movie. It makes you feel like you are in a transparent world and feel pure. When I run away from my reality, I always watch the movies like this and relax. (^∧^)

But I wished the story had more twists and turns. It’s just a flat story and I don’t know how many times I almost fell asleep. lol, I don’t mean to be mean but the world of this movie makes me relax and want to go to La La world. It is quiet and calm but probably, it needed a little bit of spice in this movie. That is why I put 4 stars on the recommendation chart. But this kind of movies or anime doesn’t matter the story much to me. I just love to feel the atmosphere of the world. If you are an anime fan and don’t know this movie yet, I recommend you to watch it! Just feel the world of this movie!

What do you say about the last scene? There are some people say that it is bad ending but also some say good ending! I want you to make sure by yourself and how you feel it. Actually, there is a novel for this and I know what happens after this ending but I am not going to say anything for the people who haven’t watched this movie yet. Without saying about the novel, on this movie, it is not clear ending so many people have a different feeling. I think that was the director’s decision to make that way so people can think and talk about it! I think the movies of Makoto Shinkai are the sad base but at the end, they have the description of positive way. I don’t know really how people watch them and take them as negative movies or maybe, I am too positive or I don’t know but I really think even though whatever bad or sad things happen, keep your head up and go forward. I feel like that is what his movies are saying to me. ¥^-^¥Oh well, we are all different from each other and have different feelings so whatever people take is good. I would respect that. (*^o^*) But when people start talking about pros and cons, that means the movies are on the table and good or bad, those movies have attention from people. The winners are the directors of the movies! I think that is what it is called entertainment!

Well, this movie has its own worldview and transparent atmosphere. If you are looking for these kind’s of movies, this movie is one of them. Maybe, this movie suits for adults. Because it will remind adults of something that we have left on the way of growing up when we were teenagers. You might be able to remember something nostalgic in your past and that would make you have a good day in this stressful world! Watch good movies and use them for the good of your life!

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you will feel positive as finish watching this movie! (∩´∀`∩)


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