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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is The Sky Crawlers (スカイクロラ). The Sky Crawlers was started from a novel and it has a game on Wii too. This movie has split people who have watched into the positive opinions and the negative opinions. Which side will you take?? Let’s go to check the world of The Sky Crawlers with me! ∩(゚∀゚∩)




Yuichi Kannami as the main character who is a jet fighter belongs to the war contract company. The war contract company?? (,,゚Д゚) Yes! In this world, to let the citizens realize that this world is at peace they do a war as a show for the citizens.

The people who do the war as a show are called Kildren. They have a sad destiny. Their growth stops after being adolescent and they will live forever but if they fail on a show, they will die. Those people have their life to fight at day time and relax at night. Their life is the same every day. As if they are waiting for their death…..

Yuichi has been assigned to Urisu base to cover a number of jet fighters as a backup person and started his new life in here. Even though he has started his new life, what he has to do is the same thing. He goes to war for the citizens.

Yuichi has a comrade named, Naofumi Tokino. Yuichi hears the rumors of a female commander named, Suito Kusanagi from Naofumi. The rumors are that she used to be an excellent ace jet fighter, she has a sister named, Mizuki but she is actually her daughter, Mizuki’s father is Yuichi’s predecessor named, Jinro Kurita and Suito killed Jinro.

As Yuichi spends time in this place, he will start to be attracted to the female commander, Suito. A new comrade named, Midori Mitsuya has feelings toward Yuichi. But day by day, the war is getting aggressive and there are many Kildren who lose their life while a war show is going. What will happen to Yuichi? Are the rumors true that he heard about Suito? This mysterious story will take you to the world of The Sky Crawlers.


Main Characters


Yuichi Kannami – Main character. He is an ace jet fighter. He can’t remember much of his past before he was assigned to Urisu base. What happened to him before?? That will be clear at the end!

Suito Kusanagi – She is a female commander in Urisu base. She used to be an ace jet fighter. She is a mysterious lady.

Naofumi Tokino – One of Yuichi’s comrades. Yuichi’s closest pal. He loves a woman.

Midori Mitsuya – She is an ace jet fighter where the unit of Suito moves to. She is worried about being Kildren and study about Kildren.

Mizuki Kusanagi – Suito’s sister. There is a rumor that Mizuki is the daughter of Suito among jet fighters.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Production I.G

Year : 2008

They Sky Crawlers Blue-Ray

Blu-Ray, DVD, and Amazon video

The Sky Crawlers Novel

They Sky Crawlers Novel on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete… – Ayaka (今夜も星に抱かれて… – 絢香)

Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete... - Ayaka

Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete… is from her CD album, Sing to the sky


The Sky Crawlers Soundtrack

The Sky Crawlers Soundtrack

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The Sky Crawlers Action Figure Yuichi

Yuichi Kannami

The Sky Crawlers Action Figure Suito

Suito Kusanagi

Skyly J2 EX Model 1/72 Scale

Skyly J2 EX Model 1/72 Scale

The Sky Crawlers Sanka Mark B

Sanka Mark B

incense mark B

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My Review


The Sky Crawlers Recommnedation Chart

This movie is hard to understand at first. This movie is one of those movies that you might have to watch to understand a couple of times! Therefore, it has pros and cons to the people who have watched.

First reason is because there is not much description of explanations so people like me that haven’t read the novel or known the world of The Sky Crawlers, it is hard to understand. I felt like I have been left alone without the understanding of what is going on sometimes. That is why I said you probably have to watch this movie to understand a couple of times.

Second reason is the characters don’t talk much. As if they are saying  watch how we act. This movie is not for the people who just want to watch it. Those characters are anime characters but they really act well so we viewers have to think what this person tries to say. The movie is not a novel so there are many people who want to watch it and feel it without imagining the sentences. This part is really causing people to say the bad comment I think personally. I think that is true. If people want to watch it, they just want to watch it but sometimes, the movies like this movie should be made because I like to read an intention of characters so this part didn’t become a con for me.

I gave you guys the reason why there are pros and cons for this movie above but there are many good parts of this movie. The story itself is a really sad circumstance and atmosphere all the way until the end. It is a flat tide and won’t change the rhythm of the story but I think this has a reason. The Kildren has a life like the way of this story goes. They live their life as the same rhythm and their life has been determined. What they have to do is do a war for the citizens as a show so they don’t have many emotional feelings toward something. I personally think that is why this movie is flat too. You know what I mean? (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω) This movie describes the life of Kildren. It makes me compare the life of ours and the life of Kildren. Both of us have good and bad so it is so deep controversy.

This movie is war as a show with Kildren but it is a light fight so you can get to watch it even though you don’t like fighting movies. What is great is the camera work and the angle of fighting scenes are good. It is like you are in the jet and looking at what is going on. I think it was excellent.

Even though this movie has pros and cons, it is always up to you to judge! I recommend this movie to the people who want to be sucked into the world of a sense of emptiness and disconsolate atmosphere. If you are getting interested in this movie, you should watch it! It might open up a different world for you! (^(エ)^)

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