The anime that has a split personality top 10 ranking

The split personality Anime top 10

Hello! How have you been? I’m Mishi. Today, what I want to talk about is the anime that has double or multiple personalities top 10. Can you come up with the anime like that? I have picked 10 anime that have been popular and not popular so I’m sure that you know a couple of anime from this ranking.

It is my choice so some people will want to say something about this but please give me warm eyes!

Let’s see how this ranking is! :*:。゚*\(★∀<)/*゚。*: 




10: Yu-Gi-Ou(遊戯王)



I put this anime on the 10th because it is popular and represents the character that has multiple personalities. Yu-Gi-Ou’s main character has a different personality when it comes to playing the card game. They turn into the opposite side of their usual personality and that part attracts this series of anime.

The main theme of this story is to build a friendship with the other card players through playing a card. This is for children’s anime but there are many adults that are into this anime too. I used to have some cards from Yu-Gi-Oh but I wonder where they are now!


9: D.Gray-man



I’m glad this anime has started back again! Finally, the story has moved! Anyway, the main character named, Allen Walker has multiple personalities in him. Usually, he acts like a gentleman but when he talks about his debt, or when he gambles(especially, a poker), he starts to show the dark side of Allen. It is funny to watch him acting that way, though.

He also has a different person in him. When Allen is awakened by 14th Noah, his hair became natural curly and his personality goes to the opposite side of him.

The story is about Allen and his comrades fighting against Millennium Earl who tries to end the world. This is one of the fighting anime that I rarely watch. Check it out!


8: Mob psycho 100(モブサイコ100)


Mob psyco 100

Unlike Shigofumi, Mob psycho is a comedy anime. The main character named, Shigeo has a supernatural power. He is a normal junior high school kid who isn’t good at communicating with people, sports, and study. He has a part-time job as an exorcist under his master, Arataka who is a phony exorcist. Shigeo thinks that his supernatural power is not needed to live his life so he tries to live his life without using his superpower but he will have troubles because of his ability.

Some people might not like the pictures of this anime but this main character is a person who you want to cheer up. He is so clumsy at everything but you can tell he is making an effort. While you are watching this anime, you will see the gauge of a percentage. This is the thing to make him change his personality. This anime is not something fancy but it has a good taste and I like it!


7: Kannagi(かんなぎ)



This anime is cute! The gap of Nagi’s multiple personalities makes this anime interesting. The story is like this.

Jin is a high school student who belongs to the art club and has the inspiration to feel a ghost. To make his artwork, he picked the wood. Actually, it was a tree of a god which has been chopped and he created his spiritual statue with that wood. All of sudden, this wood cracks up and the god named, Nagi comes out. Since the tree of a god has been chopped, this place is cursed by Kegare. To take care of this situation, Jin and Nagi start to live together.

Nagi sometimes shows the different side of her. Usually, she eats snacks much and says many gags but when her other personality comes out, she becomes noble and does her job as a god. This version of her is called Kannagi. Now, you see why this title is Kannagi!

This anime is a comedy. If you want to laugh, this anime is for you.


6: Shigofumi Letters from the Departed(シゴフミ-Stories of Last Letter-)



Shigofumi is a fantasy anime and the girl on the picture is named Fumika, Fumika has multiple personalities. The way she got this double personality is from her father’s abusive treatment. Her job is to send a letter which is made by somebody who dies to a person who is cherished by this dead person. Fumika has a stick named Kanaka, Kanaka which can speak takes an important letter to a person. 

I said it is a fantasy anime but this anime also faces the social problems. Shigofumi means a letter after death in English so it is a serious theme. There are some sad scenes that might make you cry. If you are not good at watching the dark anime, I don’t recommend this anime but it has great content so it is worth trying to watch this anime.




5: Nura: Rise of the Yokai clan(Nurarihyon no Mago/ぬらりひょんの孫)


Nura Rise of the Yokai clan

This guy on the picture is actually a quarter of Yokai(Japanese ghost or monster). The name of Yokai is Nurarihyon.

If you want to know the Yokai, I have another post.

Rikuo who is the main character of anime is an ordinary junior high school boy but he is also a leader of a Yokai group. When he was young, he thought Yokai were cool but he heard that Yokai are a bad existence from his friends. After a while, he became a junior high school student and hoped he would have a normal human life but he will have to face the world of Yokai.

As you see this already, he has the blood of Yokai so he turns his personality into the other side of his character. This anime contains fighting scenes and the characters are good looking. Top of that, I like the story line so even though this is a boy’s anime, all people can enjoy watching it(I usually don’t watch action anime like Dragon Ball). Maybe, the girls think Rikuo is hot and the boys will think Tsurara is hot! See? All people can watch this anime!


4: Tokyo Ghoul(東京喰種)


Tokyo Ghoul

You know this anime already? It has been popular so you want to say everybody knows this already but let me introduce it to somebody who doesn’t know this anime yet. I feel sorry for him to struggle which way he has to go to, be a human or be a ghoul. Both of them have to live. Which way will you choose if you were him?

Anyway, the story goes like this. 

The ghouls look like a human but they eat human! This creature blends themselves into our life in Tokyo. Ken Kaneki was attacked by the ghoul and almost died but they transferred the ghoul’s internal organ to save him. This causes him to be half-ghoul. Since he became a half-ghoul, his life turns 180 degrees.

This anime doesn’t make you feel good because of the setting but it can satisfy you with the quality. I think you must watch it if you don’t care about the bloody scenes. You will know the reason why this anime has been popular.


3: The Garden of Sinners series(Kara no Kyoukai/空の境界)


Garden of Sinners

This is the anime movie and there are many series of The Garden of Sinners. The story is about a girl named, Shiki Ryougi. She got in a car accident and slept for 2 years but since she has awakened from a coma, she earned an ability to see the death of things. To obtain a special ability, The Ryougi family artificially force the family member to have multiple personalities. So, this is how Shiki gets the different personalities.

This anime sometimes confused me because of the time line but it has an original world view for you to get into so I want you to check the timeline and watch it until the end. If you will be able to summarize them by time, this anime is a good one. It is an action and thriller anime. The battle scenes are great!  Who’s not going to like Shiki?


2: serial experiments lain(シリアルエクスペリメンツ・レイン)


Serial Experiments Lain

This anime was been made in 1998. Around 1998, there were not much internet users like now! So, this anime was innovative back then. You don’t want to confuse the real world and internet world. The main character has a couple of multiple personalities so if you like the anime like this, you would love it.

This anime talks about an interesting story of the internet world. The story starts with a mail. The main character named, Lain receives a mail from her friend who passed away. Since this event, Lain begins to be able to see something that is not supposed to be able to seen. This will get her involved with weird troubles.

This anime is gloomy all the way and the pictures make the atmosphere create the darkness. This anime is called one of the most difficult anime to understand. The reason why it is is because of not many explanations. This will choose the people to watch. Are you going to watch this?


1: Code Geass series(コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)


Code Geass

I have heard that Code Geass series are good but I hesitated to watch them because of it being Mecha. I am not good at watching Mecha anime so I have put this anime away but my friend told me to watch it. I finally started to watch this anime and noticed I should have watched it earlier! The reason why I said that is because the main character named Lelouch’s who’s strategy and game tactics are splendid. If this was only Mecha anime, I wouldn’t be able to watch it all the way until the end but the way they made this anime, they didn’t let me get bored. I had to watch the next episode to next one without having a break! It got me into it so much.

There are many unexpected drama and scenes to make you move. When you notice yourself, you will be stuck in your room and try to finish watching this anime. What I realized is this anime is a battle of the mind and human drama. If you don’t like to watch Mecha anime like me, don’t worry about it. The other elements of this anime will make you forget about an element of Mecha.

This is hard to say but, Lelouch has a double personality but he acted like he had different faces to the people, so I put this anime on this ranking(Maybe, I just wanted people to know this anime (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)).




There are many anime characters have double or multiple personalities and that makes those anime interesting but if they were in our real life, that would be scary.

It would be fun to search the genre like this to get to know more anime to dig. I hope you found the anime for you to watch next.

See you later~!





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