Inspirational Working Anime top 10 Ranking

Inspirational Working Anime top 10

Hello. I’m Mishi. How are you doing? Today, I want to show you the anime to keep your motivation to work up! There are many anime that encourage us to live our life and probably, there are many people who have been saved by many anime.

But our life is not good all the time. We have to get through the bad times. When this happens, we lose our motivation. We try to get it back so that we can do what we are supposed to do smoothly. But sometimes, we don’t know how to get our motivation up.

So, I have chosen the 10 anime to give you an idea, inspiration, or the motivation to work. Did you get yelled at by your boss? Did you screw something up at work? If so, you should check these anime! They might cheer you up from the slump.

Let’s get it started! ヾ(゚ー゚ゞ)( 尸ー゚)尸




10: I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. (Yusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita勇者になれなかった俺はしぶしぶ就職を決意しました。)

 I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

What a long title! But as you see it, you can tell he started to work because he couldn’t be a hero. If you were his mother, wouldn’t you want to say good job, right? ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ This story is too funny to watch. The main guy named, Raul was about to face the exam to be a hero but the Lord of demons was defeated…… So, he decides to start working at the electric shop “Leon”. He gets busy working at this place every day but one day, they hired a girl as a part-timer named, Fino. Actually, she is the daughter of the Lord of demons. This will change his life!

To know how his life changes, you have to watch this but this anime is to keep your motivation up. Sometimes, you will see the people who have a worse life and you would be encouraged by that because that person came from a worse situation and you want to think, what am I doing? I have to work hard like that. You might get encouraged by this girl named, Fino and tomorrow, you will be able to work so hard? (o^ー’)b

This is a good love comedy anime to get your motivation back!





Shirobako is a word of the image industry and means a master DVD or tape for the people who are related to making this project can have at first. So, the story is about the five girls who are in the anime industry. They and their co-workers work hard to create the anime. As they struggle and make their effort, they try to find the meaning of working.

This anime contains the real situations and real work for the anime industry. If you are interested in this job, you should watch it. You can get to see those characters face and get through the reality of being one of the adults to work. It shows you a process of how you will become an expert at having a job. For example, even though the people who have a nice position at your work, when they started their job, they failed many times and learned. That is why they have their fame now. It takes a patience and discipline to pile the experience up and to grow up.

Are you pushing yourself hard or blaming on your tiny mistakes? You should watch this to make yourself understand that we all need to have the steps to go up the ladder! It will absolutely cheer you up for tomorrow!


8: Servant × Service(サーバント×サービス)

Servant x Service

This story is about the people who work at a city hall somewhere in Hokaido. The main character named, Lucy(……) has a weird name. She has a long long name and feels an embarrassment towards her name. She is one of the new workers at this city hall. They also hired a guy named, Yutaka and a girl named Saya, Lucy and those people start to work at this place. This is their usual life at city hall and a love comedy anime.

This anime doesn’t give you anything much but I thought it will make you laugh. The writer of this anime is as the same person as WORKING!!. This anime is more mature than WORKING!! but it makes you want to watch it after you finish working. On half of the episodes, the story becomes more a love comedy but this is one of the working anime so maybe, you might be interested in!


7: The Great Passage(Fune wo Amu/舟を編む)


The Great Passage

This anime is about a guy named, Mitsuya who works at a publishing company. Mitsuya is the person who can’t take kidding and lacks communication. But he learned linguistics when he was at a postgraduate course and he has a sense of language so he is admitted to editing  Japanese‐language dictionary by his co-worker. This job will let him meet with a bunch of different people and with those people, he will begin to get into making the Japanese-language dictionary.

Japanese-language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. There are 3 alphabets and mostly, they can express all things into the words. This anime can take you into the deep Japanese language world. This anime itself is so plain but I can recommend it to all kinds of people, except for the people who don’t like to watch the anime that are calm and quiet. I want teenagers to watch this because the world of work is not easy. We all have to consider the others and get through the troubles to create one thing. As we experience the bad part of something, you can get to see the hope to go ahead. After we solve the hardship, we will be able to feel the achievement and happiness. This anime is good for the people who are about jumping into the world of work.

Of course, people who are working already can feel something. It might let you remember the feelings of when you started to work or how to co-operate with the others. It is great anime that you should watch.

By the way, the people who make a dictionary is respectable! You will feel it if you watch this anime!


6: Spice and Wolf(Okami to Koshinryo/狼と香辛料)


Spice and Wolf

Do you think this anime is something to do with a work? Actually, yes! This anime is an economical fantasy story. It will teach you a basic business strategy. Probably, I am the only one to watch anime like this?….. Well, it is a different genre of the anime. They don’t use magic or a sword at all. It is about dealing with merchandise.

The story is about a peddler named, Kraft and a wolf harvest deity named Holo. While Kraft traveling from place to place to sell his things, one day, he finds Holo sleeping in his horse wagon. She says she works as a harvest deity but she wants to go back to her hometown so he decides to travel around with her. The story shows you the drama of their travels and their free and witty negotiations for the business.

This anime will teach you the lesson. That is, to live our life, we have to make a money. To do so, you have to know the economy. I think this is what it is saying to me. But, this anime is not that serious like I said, it is a cute story and the characters too so you can easily watch it without thinking about work. It is a kind of love story but the story goes around the economy. It is a weird anime but you can get to enjoy it for sure.




5: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!(Hataraku Maou Sama!/はたらく魔王さま!)


Devil is a Part Timer

The devil came back again! This setting is the most hilarious for the working anime. I don’t know but it is a funny anime that is true. The devil named, Sadao, real name, Satan is beaten by a hero named, Emi, real name, Emilia. To escape from his world, he comes to Japan and becomes a part-timer. He swears that to reconquer the world, he tries to become a full-time worker.

On the other hand, the hero named, Emilia follows this demon and comes to Japan. As well as Sadao, she starts to work as a telephone operator. One day, they will encounter each other in Tokyo. Isn’t it funny already? This anime definitely gives you a strength to work. The reason is simple! The devil and hero work so why not us too? It also makes you learn how to work with different kinds of the people. As you watch this anime, you can train and imagine in case you will work with those different kinds of the people. Maybe, it teaches you how to work with the other people. Isn’t it great that you can learn ethics and manners to consider the others as watching anime??


4: WORKING!!(ワーキング)


Working!!! Wagnaria

Are you working? If it is so, that would be great. But don’t tell me that you work at a place is like this place. I will not believe it! This anime is a love comedy working anime that encourage you automatically because you don’t work in a situation like this anime. (*^ワ^*)

What kind of place is it? Okay, I will let you know! The main character named, Souta is a high school student boy who just got a part-time job at Wagnaria. This place is a family restaurant and he is a waiter. But the other co-workers have the issues. They all are weirdos and Souta finds this place is strange, but he will start to get used to those people and that circumstance. It is his usual life with his co-workers at the restaurant”Wagnaria”.

What can you learn from this anime? This question is difficult to answer but you can probably learn how to adjust to the job. You never know what kind of people you have to work with so you can watch this anime and learn how to dodge the weirdos.  (゜∀。)….. I’m not sure about what I said, but it is a hilarious anime so watch this and get your motivation back toward your job! To laugh at this anime, you will be able to get your stress off!


3: Amagi Brilliant Park(甘城ブリリアントパーク)


Amagi Brilliant Park

Welcome to Amagi brilliant park! This story is to rebuild a run-down theme park. The main character named, Seiya is a perfect high school kid. Why is he perfect? Because he is smart and can do sports. Top of that, he is good looking. But one day, this girl named, Isuzu transferred into his school and he is threatened to date her. She takes him to this run-down theme park”Amagi brilliant park” and makes him deputized manager of this theme park. What a girl, huh?

On this anime, you can’t expect the conversation of business much but you will notice that it is important to analyze your business. It also lets you know the business needs a strategy. Probably, this anime is for somebody who wants to learn business management! You don’t have to go to college to learn this course anymore(please don’t take it seriously)!

It is a comedy anime so watch it with your friends and laugh to keep on going to the next day!


2: Barakamon(ばらかもん)



This anime will make you want to have a vacation. It made me feel that way when I watched it. The reason why is because of the story. The main character named, Seishu is a calligrapher. At an award party, he punched a director of calligraphic pavilion because he complained the way of his writing. Seishu’s father named, Seimei made his son go to Goto island to let him find his weak point as a human being. The city boy, Seishu gets confused how to make relationships with the people from this island but he starts to touch their warmth. As he deepens his relationship with the people from this island, he begins to find something new to him.

I want somebody who is in a slump to watch this anime. It is so frustrating to be in bad shape but we all should know that we will be all right after a while. All we have to do is find something that pushes us to the next stage to change ourselves. This is a very important process even though it gives you stress but this is something that we have to go through. This anime also teaches you about mutual relationships with somebody. Somebody will affect you and you will affect somebody. If this affection is good, it would be a win-win to each other so you can learn how to consider the others. This is a must for a business world. But this anime is for somebody who really wants to think like the heart of a beginner or needs to change to level yourself up. I said like this, but this anime would make you want to go on a trip to see something new!


1: Hanasaku Iroha(花咲くいろは)


Hanasaku Iroha

This is my favorite anime to keep my motivation. This anime absolutely gives you the power for your life. Hanasaku Iroha is for somebody who wants to shine like a flower under the sun.

The story is about the main girl named Ohana, Ohana is a normal high school student in Tokyo but her mother runs away with her boyfriend who has made debts. She left her with a piece of paper which says a phone number. The phone number is for Ohana’s grandmother but she never met and talked to her before. She has no choice to go to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother named Sui, Sui runs a traditional Japanese hotel. Ohana starts to live in here, go to high school, and work as a part-time Nakai(worker at Japanese traditional hotel). She will have good and bad times but she makes an effort to cultivate her way to shine.

This anime shows you the real life. We have to have a good and bad times but no matter how bad a situation we are in, we have to try to break the situation and make it through. Her attitude is a sample of being successful. As I watch her, it makes me think that you can do it. You will earn something every time you struggle and overcome the adversity.

It gives you everything that you need to live your life. I strongly recommend this anime to everyone who needs a strength and power! 




How were those anime? Did you find the one you want to watch? To keep our motivation high is hard all the time but you can get lifted it up as watching the anime. Just watching is fine but if you spend the same amount of time to watch anime, you should watch it for your life sometimes.

I hope you got the strength to fight your tough job back again! I’ll see you later.

|゚∀゚)ノ)))) bye bye!




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