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Hello! How have you been? I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you is Time of Eve (イヴの時間/Eve no Jikan). This a movie about a human being that lives with an android robot. These kinds of movies always make us think. The technology makes our life easier day by day and if an Android robot does everything for us, that would be so convenient. But what about an Android robot who has their own life? Are you going to look at them as a tool for us or treat them like a human being?? This is the story of a teenage boy who struggles with how to treat an Android robot! Let’s take a look at the story of this movie! ヽ(´3`)ノ 




This takes place in the future of Japan. There are many Android robot living with human beings. To distinguish between an Android robot and a human, the Android has a ring mark above their head. They serve human beings without having emotions on their faces. Since Android robots have been everywhere in Japan, they start to take jobs away from the human beings and there is a huge number of people depending on the Android robots for everything. This is a big problem in Japan on this movie. To warn people that are depending on the Androids that they are harmful, there is an organization started called the ethics committee, they are investigating the situation of people who rely on Android robots mentally and physically. At the same time, there are many people who throw the old Android robots illegally and there are many Android robots that don’t have an owner and become astray.

This high school student, Rikuo as the main character has an Android robot named, Sammy for his house. One day, he notices that Sammy does what nobody orders to do. He wonders what is wrong with her so Rikuo and Masaki who is Rikuo’s friend track her with GPS. The place where they arrive at is a cafe named, Time of Eve. In this cafe, there is a rule that nobody distinguishes between a human being and an Android robot. All of them who are at this cafe look like all human being. They get surprised and the curiosity gets Rikuo and Masaki interested. They start to come by this place often.

The other day, Rikuo accidentally saw Sammy talking to Nagi who is a waitress at this cafe about her worries. This gets him confused because he has never seen Sammy express any kind of emotion, Masaki also told Rikuo that Androids are liars. Masaki’s family has a bad past where they have been hurt by the Android robots.

But as he visits by this cafe and meets the people and the other Android robots who come to this cafe, he will start to change the way to think about an Android robot. On the other hand, Masaki sees Rikuo is changing and that bothers him so he stops visiting by the cafe.

While their relationship gets awkward with each other, the ethics committee is about to knock the door of Time of Eve…..


Main Characters


Time of Eve Paperback

Rikuo Sakisaka(left) – Main character. He is an average high school student. He thinks that an Android robot is a tool for human beings. He is a kind guy who used to play the piano. But the concert where he got an award, suddenly an Android robot who could play the piano came and began to play and took audience’s attentions. Since this happened, he has quit playing his piano.

Sammy(right) – She is an Android robots who works at Rikuo’s house. Rikuo’ mother loves her a lot but Rikuo’s elder sister doesn’t like her, she worries about Rikuo becoming addicted to an Android robot.

Masakazu Masaki – Rikuo’s friend. Masaki tends to look down on the people who are addicted to Android robots. His father works for the ethics committee so he doesn’t have an Android robot at home.

Nagi – She is a waitress for Time of Eve. She is good at treating customers brightly but she tends to pout.


How to find this movie



Anime Studio : Studio Rikka

Year : 2008

Anime Time of Eve - Blu-Ray

Anime Time of Eve – Blu-Ray

Time of Eve Paperback

Time of Eve Paperback


Anime Studio : Studio Rikka

Year : 2010

Time of Eve Blu-Ray

Time of Eve Blu-Ray on Amazon

Time of Eve Blu-Ray and Soundtrack CD

Time of Eve Blu-Ray and Soundtrack CD

Opening and Ending songs



Yasashii Jikan no Nakade – Rie Tanaka (やさしい時間の中で – 田中理恵)

Theme song of this movie

I have a dream – Kalafina

I have a dream - Kalafina

mp3 on Amazon


Time of Eve CD Soundtrack

Time of Eve CD Soundtrack


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My Review


Time of Eve Recommendation Chart

This movie will make you want to drink a cup of coffee after you finish watching. 且⊂(゚∀゚*) The story is not complicated at all. Actually, it is so simple! I think all kinds of people and age groups can watch this movie. This movie doesn’t have twists and turns, surprises, funniness and coolness like the other movie to attract you with those points. But what is good about this movie is the story is so stabilized. It would continue to get your attention with the concept of the story line. This movie is like one of those movies that you don’t really mean to watch but just leave it on the TV while you are doing something, but without realizing it, you are into watching the movie when you notice.

I think it is because the story has the core of what this movie wants to describe. Human beings have their own thoughts but android robots have they’re saying too on this movie. Those parts are the main theme and ask you how you would feel if you were the main character? The main characters get shocked that his android robot has her own feelings and he feels like he is betrayed by his android robot but wait. If he treats them like a human being from first, he wouldn’t get shocked. Each human being has their own emotions and feelings. I think there is nothing wrong with and android robots have those feelings too. This was an ironical scene to me and made me want to say that it is his fault that he hadn’t treated his android robot like a human being. (~-~;)ヾ(-_-;) But this is how he starts to rethink what is the relationship between a human being and an android robot.

Japanese have creative thoughts toward an android robot. I wonder if this comes from the background of Japanese culture. I talked about Shinto on my different post but they cherish everything they have and thinks each one of them has a spirit attached, so the way of this movie moves it goes along those lines of thought?? I don’t know but I like how they think everything has a spirit so they have a feeling to take care of things good. What do you think?? (・∀・)ハッ?

There are a couple of anime that the human being treats the android robot like a human or they tend to fall in love with an android robot. I love those kinds of stories to watch. In the future, one of these days, this situation might come into our world. When that time comes, I wonder how we will feel like. Are you going to treat them like a useful tool like a computer or treat them like a human being? This makes me think about it. But before thinking about this or not, I have to leave this the way it is until this time comes to us….. I wonder how many years it will take….. I hope I am going to see the world like this movie soon and let’s see those things that happened in this movie would really happen or not. I am curious about it!

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Thank you for reading this post. I am going to check on the Amazon to see if they sell the Android robot like this movie and anime. lol, See you later~! ヾ(*’-‘*)マタネー♪


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