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Twin Star Exorcists

Hello! I’m Mishi! How have you been? Today what I want to introduce you is an anime called Twin Star Exorcists (双星の陰陽師/Sosei no Onmyoji). Onmyoji is an exorcist in Japanese! But it is not a horror anime! Do you want to know more? Then let’s see the story first! ヽ(´3`)ノ 




Rokuro is the main character who is a junior high school student and an Onmyoji(exorcist). When he was a child, he was found by Seigen who is Onmyoji when he hit his head and was lying unconscious on the ground. Unfortunately, he lost all of his memory so Sigen took him in Hiinatsuki dorm. This place is where people train to try to be Onmyoji. He started to try to become Onmyoji with other people who live there.

But when he was 12 years old, the tragedy of Hiinatsuki happened. Kegare which is a monster attacked him and his comrades. He lost all of his comrades and his right arm was cursed. His right arm becomes a part of Kegare. As he feels a responsibility for the death of his friends and the trauma of this incident, he starts to dodge his mission of being Onmyoji.

One day he meets this girl called Benio who tries to take a revenge for her parents. Her parents got killed by Basara which is a stronger monster than Kegare. Since he has met her, he has changed his mind and started to try to be Onmyoji again.

Later on, they are given a title of Twin Star Exorcist. As a mission for this title, they have to live together and become husband and wife and also have a child! Of course, they can’t accept this and fight each other all the time while they deal with Kegare together. Can they beat all of Kegare? Can they get along with each other? Can they accept this destiny? This world is up to those youngsters!


Main Characters


Twin Star Exorcists Characters

(From left)

Rokuro Enmado – He tried to forget about becoming Onmyoji because of the incident but Benio changes his mind. Since he hasn’t trained, his ability of being Onmyoji is normal yet. We expect him to train and become a great Onmyoji!

Benio Adashio – She tires to make a revenge for her parents. She likes Ohagi which is Japanese traditional food. She looks like she does what she is supposed to do but she is not good at cleaning and cooking.

How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Pierrot

Episodes : April 2016

Twin Star Exorcists, Vol. 1: Onmyoji

Manga on Amazon!

Opening and Ending songs



Valkyrie- -Ikusa Otome – Wagakki Band (Valkyrie-戦乙女- – 和楽器バンド)

Valkyrie- -Ikusa Otome - Wagakki Band

Valkyrie- -Ikusa Otome – Wagakki Band


Eyes – Hitomi Kaji (アイズ – 加治ひとみ )

Eyes - Hitomi Kaji

Eyes – Hitomi Kaji


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My review


Twin Star Exorcists Recommendation Chart

I thought this anime was for kids. But I gave it a try and watched this anime. Actually, it is fun to watch it! I like how 2 of the main characters are on the opposite side of each other but try to get along. Especially Benio he is my favorite character in this anime. She is a so kawaii(cute)! You have to love her personality. (>□<) She looks like snobby and cold but she has an issue that she can’t clean a house and organize too! She looks so perfect but….. That gap makes me think she is adorable! While she eats her favorite food called Ohagi(It is a Japanese traditional food.), she is in heaven!! Her serious face turns into a childish face! You need to check that part! (o^ー’)b

Since their personalities are so different and sitting opposite sides of each other, there some funny parts. You can get to laugh while enjoying the action! The graphic is nice and I like music both of opening and ending. I think at least it is worth watching this anime! I generally watch how they goof around to each other! That is the most fun part for me! It is more than an action scene. lol

Well, today is review is an end. I hope you will have time to watch this anime! See you~ (´・ω・)ノシ

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