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Voices of a Distant Star DVDHello! I’m Mishi! How you are doing, everyone? I have had been sick lately and my nose is stuck, my throat hurts and my chest is congested! It sucks! ε=(‐ω‐;;) But my website won’t stop! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is Voices of a Distant Star (ほしのこえ/Hoshi no Koe). The director of this movie is Makoto Shinkai. At this time, he made Mecha sci-fi world. Let’s take a look at his movie! ∩(≧∇≦)∩




In 2039, the human race has found a different civilization, the ruin of Tharsis on Mars but when the investigators from NASA got there, unidentified life form suddenly showed up and terminated them. The fact of what happened threatened the human race so they decide to establish an organization called The United Nations Space Army. They named this unidentified life form Tarsian and try to resist the menace of this unidentified life form.

In 2046, Mikako Nagamine as the main character who is a junior high school girl has been chosen to become a member of the operator for Tracer which is a mecha robot by the united nations space army.

In the next year, she goes to Mars to investigate the Tarsian as the member of Lysithea which is a fleet. She leaves her family, friends and the boy who she is in love with named, Noboru Terao for the human race.

Mikako and Noboru keep in touch with sending texts from their cell phones. But as far as they go away from the earth, their texts delay. Eventually, it takes 8 years for them to receive their texts!

But at that same time,  the Tarsian comes out! What will happen to them? Can Mikako come back to the earth and meet Noboru dramatically?

 Voices of a Distant Star Cell PhoneVoices of a Distant Star Japanese version


Main Characters


Mikako Nagamine – Main character. She is a junior high school student girl. As a young girl, to try to save the human race from the menace of the Tarsian, she goes to Mars! She is in love with Noboru.

Noboru Terao – Main character and Mikako’s classmate. He is a member of Kendo club with Mikako. He is in love with Mikako and waits for her to come back!


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Comix Wave

Year : 2002

Voices of a Distant Star

DVD on Amazon

The Voices of a Distant Star -Hoshi no Koe -

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Opening and Ending songs

Headling 3


Theme song



The Voices of a Distant Star Soundtrack



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My Review


Voices of a Distant Star Recommendation Chart

This movie is only 25 minutes! It is long a distance love but it is a short story! Do you know that this movie has been made by Makoto Shinkawa? I know you want to say yes but do you know he has made this movie basically by himself?? ((((;゚Д゚)))) Yeah, I know you are shivering and being surprised! (Except for music and few people helped him but still!) This is crazy! How could he do that? No wonder he has been called next Hayao Miyazaki! Let’s clap our hands for him! (゚∀゚ノノ゙

Even though it is a short movie, it still has the world of Makoto Shinkawa. When I think about this story, the first thing that comes up to me is a cell phone. This is really sad that I receive a text after 8 years later! What would you do if you received a text from somebody after 8 years later? (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω) or can you wait for somebody so long? This is really an innovative idea to me. There are many long distance anime or movies but this is the furthest distance love story that I have ever watched. I think it was a romantic idea! What I really like about this movie is the romantic idea, but I also liked the girl leaving the boy. You know usually the guy leaves the girl and the story goes. But this time, the girl leaves the boy and the boy waits for the girl patiently! This idea is so cute and pure! Since I have found out the concept for this movie, I already liked it without watching it! ∑ヾ( ̄0 ̄; ) By the way, let’s not talk about why they can use their cell phone out of the earth! It will ruin this movie! This should be off the record! (* ̄  ̄)b

Well, speaking of the graphics, as usual, it is good. But when she leaves earth and he doesn’t have her around him anymore, the graphics turn into a sadness. It is like a magic! All of sudden, it makes me feel nostalgic and sad for him. Naturally, when something or someone is around us, we don’t feel anything about them but when that something or someone is no longer around us, we feel sad all of sudden. Imagine that is your important person. It is so sad and lonely. I would feel like the world turned upside down. Those descriptions are expressed greatly in this short movie. I really think this movie has been composed excellently in 25 minutes. 25 minutes are like one episode of anime! It is so difficult to put all of what the director wants to say in 25 minutes. I could get to feel the adolescent people’s feelings well. It was a sweet and pure, but a bitter and painful love story. You won’t need to grab a tissue but it will make your heart feel something sad.

What I have learned from this movie is I should appreciate the things that are here naturally but one day, those things would be gone away from me so I should appreciate those natural things every day! You will never know that tomorrow, what will happen! Let’s say thank you to the person who you are with! ☆⌒(*^-°)v Oh, I also learned old cell phones are better than a smartphone because of this movie! You think so too right? (((((;`Д´)≡⊃)`Д)、;’.・ Just kidding!

I forgot to say one thing earlier. This movie is probably classified Mecha category but it is not like Gundam so I think even though you are not good at watching mecha anime like me, you can watch!

Thank you for reading this post! I have to go to train to ride a mecha robot in the case of unidentified life form! lol Bye~! o(*^▽^*)o~♪


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