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Jizo Sama

Hello, I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to show you is B rank spot in Japan. Comparing to the famous sightseeing places in Japan, B rank spots aren’t that famous but are interesting and unique. It’s like only local people know their things. I’ve picked 10 places up to show you today. How many of them do you know?

Let’s check them out! ^-^~!




1: Nihon temple Daibutsu(Nihon-ji Daibutsu/日本寺大仏)


Nihon TempleNihon temple is in Kyonan city, Chiba prefecture. This temple is on the mountain there are many sightseeing places around this place. There is a path to take you to those sightseeing places so if you like to walk in the mountain, it must be fun for you. This mountain is called “Nokogiri-yama(鋸山)”. Nokogiri is a saw in English and this mountain looks like a blade of a saw.

Anyway, according to the temple, it was built in 725 and is a very old temple. The statue was made in 1783. 23 people curved into the big rock. It took them to finish 3 years but the present Daibutsu is rebuilt in 1969. The height is about 31 meters. It’s the highest stone image of the Buddha in Japan. There are many interesting statues in this place so if you don’t mind to walk in the mountain path, you should check this place.


2: Kaeru bridge(Kaeru Ohashi/かえる大橋)



Photo: Kaeru Oohashi by Kouchiumi Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution

This bridge is in Inami town, Wakayama prefecture. There are many fields in this area. It comes out of nowhere all of sudden in the sight of the fields and you can get to see this bridge from all directions in this town. As if two frogs welcome you, you would be drawn in this place. It was made for the symbol of this town. A frog is “Kaeru(蛙)” in Japanese. The reason why they made the symbol as a frog is because of the word “Kaeru”. For example, “Kaeru=change””Furusato ni kaeru=go back to the hometown”, “Sakaeru=prosper”, and so on. They hook the word of “Kaeru” with the other words and wish to have good luck. It’s a unique bridge and you won’t see anything like this somewhere else.


3: Ushiku Buddha statue(Ushiku Daibutsu/牛久大仏)


Ushiku DaibutsuUshiku Daibutsu is in Ushiku city, Ibaraki prefecture. As you see it, it’s a great image of Buddha. You want to say so what? I want you to take a look at it closely. Don’t you notice anything? Comparing to the trees isn’t the statue is super tall?? The height is about 120 meters and it is the highest bronze great image of Buddha in the world. When this statue is lighted up at night, it makes a sacred atmosphere. Also, when it’s time to do firework in this city, the scenery of this statue and fireworks will create a fantastic situation. If you see it for real, you will be amazed!


4: Egawa coast(Egawa Kaigan/江川海岸)


Egawa Kaigan

Egawa coast is in Kisarazu city, Chiba prefecture. This weird scenery is kind of popular in Japan. What’s weird? As you see the picture above, telegraph poles are in the ocean. Isn’t it crazy? Do the bird on the picture notice this situation?? I’m not sure about it but it’s interesting, huh? This place is known as gathering clams and many people come here in summer.

What do you think the reason is there are many poles in the sea? The reason is simple. There is a watch house so they can keep an eye on the poachers who are after the shells. But nowadays, the amount of the shells decreased and the poachers are gone so the watch house has not been used anymore. Therefore, they are concerned about taking those poles down.


5: Nanba Yasaka shrine(難波八阪神社)


Namba Yasaka Shrine

Photo: Namba Yasaka Jinja by KENPEI Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution

This shrine is in Osaka city, Osaka prefecture. This building is called “Shishi-den(獅子殿)”. Shishi is a lion, and you see these statues in front of the shrines. It’s a unique building and it’s said that big mouth calls good luck and swallow the evil spirit. Many people come here to pray for their academic development, finding work, business development, and so on. The eyes have lights and the nose have speakers. It might scare toddlers but worth seeing it. You will not see buildings like this but in here!




6: Hanibe Daibutsu(ハニベ大仏)


Hanibe Gankutsuin

Photo: ハニベ巌窟院 by saname777 Flickr

Hanibe Daibutsu is in Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture. This place is known as a unique place in this region. The reason is as you see the picture, it’s interesting Daibutsu but that’s not it. If you enter this building, you will see many weird statues inside. All statues are made by the family who owns this place so this place is unique. Some statues are depicted for Buddhism and some are for the world of hell. There are really interesting statues in here and the visitors won’t get bored to see each one of them.

By the way, Hanibe means the people who used to make “Haniwa(埴輪)” or make something out of the clay. Nowadays, they are called a sculptor. Haniwa is a clay image of a man or an animal a long time ago. If you want to see something that you haven’t seen yet, you should go to this place.


7: Iya valley(祖谷渓)


Iya ValleyIya-dani or Iya-kei is Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture. It’s a beautiful valley and there is a famous bridge called, “Kazura bridge(Kazura Bashi/かずら橋)” so this place is a famous sightseeing place for the people who love nature. But why is the statue peeing? This is a very curious statue. Maybe, the hero around this area calmed the evil down by peeing? The answer is no! According to the local legend, local kids or travelers tested their courage that how far they can go. This is insane! If somebody falls, I’m sure that the person would lose their life. As you see the picture, it’s so high! But why is it the statue is peeing? Maybe, the champion for this test peeped from this cliff? It’s very curious and only the mystery remains…..


8: Godzilla rock(ゴジラ岩)


Godzilla rockThis Godzilla rock is in Shari gun, Hokkaido prefecture. Actually, there some places that have rocks that look like Godzilla, but this one is my favorite so let me introduce it to you you. This official name is “candle rock(rosoku iwa/ローソク岩)”. But it really does look like Godzilla, right? From the other angle, it looks like just a huge rock but when you change the angle to see it, Godzilla will come at your eyes. The part of the face has the potential to break so this town decided to take it down for the safety but the residence disagreed to take it down. After all, it has been maintained and it’s one of the famous sightseeing in this place.


9: Nanzoin temple(南蔵院)


Nanzoin Temple

Photo: Nanzoin Temple by そらみみ Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution

This Daibutsu is in Sasaguri city, Fukuoka prefecture. There are many kinds of Buddha statues in Japan, but this one is so relaxed and laying down. It looks like it feels good to lay down on the ground under the sun. There are some statues of Buddha laying like this in Japan and some other parts of the world but this one is big. The length is 41 meters and the height is 11 meters. It’s said that if you touch the leg of the statue, you would have a good-luck for your health.

This place is also famous for being lucky for money. The reason is the chief priest won over a hundred million with the lottery. He also earned some money with the other lotteries. So, he decided to share the luck with the people and built a new building. If you like to buy a lottery, you should go to this place and pray!


10: Motonosumi Inari shrine(元乃隅稲成神社)


Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Photo: 元乃隅稲成神社 by yuki5287 Flickr

Motonosumi Inari shrine is in Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture. When in 1955, the local fisherman saw a white fox and was told to have a religious ceremony for the white fox in his dream. This had them to build a shrine in here. This shrine is looked up by the local people and is known for business prosperity, a large catch, traffic safety, and so on. It’s close to the ocean and has a beautiful site. There are 123 Torii gates in the path and you can feel the great feelings.

Did you see the picture above? The white foxes are cute in the Torii gate but don’t you notice something? Yes! This gate has an offertory box! It’s said that if you throw money into the offertory box, you would be able to have good luck. What a surprise! If you visit this place, you should try!




Those 10 locations are interesting but in Japan, there are many more places that would surprise you. Japan is unique country, no wonder there are many people who visit Japan! I will continue to search and show you the interesting things about Japan!





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