Are you trying to buy Futon? This is what you have to know!

How is your sleep every night? Do you feel comfortable? I have a problem to sleep on my bed. I tend to have a back pain every night. I always wonder if Futon can help me to sleep well. By the way, do you know Futon? Futon is Japanese traditional bed. They put futon on the floor and sleep. I have heard that futon can help me to sleep without having back pain so I have bought Futon and guess what? It has helped me to sleep well without problems! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ This is a great change to me! As I put my pictures of my Futon, let me introduce the futon to you guys!




What is Futon?


The Futon is a Japanese traditional bed. Haven’t you seen it before? If you like to watch anime, I am pretty sure that you have seen somebody sleeps on the floor with Futon.

The definition of the Futon is made by Kakebuton and Shikibuton.(Buton means Futon. The pronunciation changes when you call them. They are sometimes called Kakefuton and Shikifuton too.)

Kakebuton is a cover that goes on our body.

Shikibuton is a mattress that goes under our body.

When it is really cold, Japanese put a blanket between kakebuton and shikibuton. I do this way and so comfortable to sleep! (*vωv)ぐ~


The history of Futon


Until Nara period(710-794), Japanese people used to sleep on the bed which was made of log. They also used knitted straw, a rice plant and so on to sleep on.

While Nara period, tatami started to be used by noble people for sleeping. They put a couple of tatami together and sleep on those. But those people are high ranking noble people. This is called Yaedatami(八重畳). Normal noble people used to sleep on Tatami directly and covered themselves with their clothing as their cover. People who were not noble people used to sleep under straw. You know they had a tough lifestyle back then.

Between 1467-1868, Yogi(夜着) was made. Yogi is more like a Futon but different. It is a clothing type to wear and sleep with. This way kept them to warm better than before.

When Edo period, (1603-1868) Futon was made and spread all over in Japan. But still Futon was for noble people. Around 1688, at the licensed quartersa, they started to use futon which was made of cotton. Cotton futon were so expensive! It is like we buy expensive car back then. Of course, common people couldn’t afford to buy it. They used to sleep on futon which were made of paper! (*+_+) Tatami also spread to common people in middle the of the Edo period. As you see, Futon was really expensive and they were for rich people back then.

 When did common people afford to have Futon??

The answer is from Meiji period(1868-1912). Japan traded many things from foreign countries and cheap cotton came in Japan. This let common people have futon easily and since this time, Japanese people have used Futon when they sleep.


Types of Kakebuton


My Kakebuton

Kakebuton has basically five kinds! People choose Kakebuton by price, weight, feeling, or so on. We have to be picky to choose it like when we choose a pillow! These are the features for somebody to look for when they try to buy a Kakebuton!ヽ(`∀´)ノ

Good partsElasticity
Moisture absorption
Light weight
Dust prevention
Absorption and desorption of moisture
Light weight
Absorption and desorption of moisture
Light weight
Bad partsIt needs to be dried constantly for absorption and desorption of moisture.
If it doesn't get dried, it would tend to be flatter and heavier faster.
Absorbency is less.Once it gets flatter, it would be hard to recover.
It is needed to watch out for bug hole.
It is needed to watch out for bug holes. It is needed to watch out for bug holes.

How are they? Could you find the one you would like to have?? v(。・ω・。)


Types of Shikibuton


My Shikibuton

Now, let’s see Shikibuton. There are basically two kinds!

Good partsElasticity
Moisture absorption
Absorption and desorption of moisture
It is thin so easy to put away.
Bad partsIt needs to be dried constantly for absorption and desorption of moisture.
If it doesn't get dried, it would tend to be flatter and heavier faster.
Once it gets flatter, it would be hard to recover.
It is needed to watch out for bug hole.


Kakebuton size and Kakebuton sheets size


Width×length (cm)Memo
Single150×210For one person.
Semi Double170×210Extra space for one person.
(It would be little small for two person.)
Double190×210For two persons.
Queen210×210Extra space for two persons.
King230×210For family. (I think two adults and one toddler.)
Baby95×120For 0-1 years old baby.
Junior135×190For 2-10 years old kids.

Kakebuton and Kakebuton cover are the same measurement.

(This is standard sizes. Sometimes, you will see different sizes by companies.)




Shikibuton size and Shikibuton sheets size


Width×length (cm)Memo
Cover :105×215
For one person.
Semi DoubleFuton:120×210
Extra space for one person.
(It would be little small for two person.)
For two persons.
Extra space for two persons.
BabyFuton:70×120For 0-1 years old baby.
JuniorFuton:90×185For 2-10 years old kids.

(This is standard sizes. Sometimes, you will see different sizes by companies.)


How to put Futon cover sheet


When you buy a Futon, you might want to buy Futon sheets. Of course, you can sleep on futon but I don’t recommend you guys to do that because of sanitary. When you sleep on your bed, you don’t sleep on mattress right? I’m sure you guys put sheets. Japanese do the same way! (‘-^*)

To put Futon sheets is a little bit different from our bed sheets. There are strings inside of Futon sheets and Futon usually have holes to put those strings through to tie together.(Some Kakebuton or Shikibuton don’t have those.)

Put string through the hole!

And tie string!

As you tie them together, you can prevent futon from moving around inside of Futon sheets. It is easy to tie but I sometimes tie in a different spot! That is because I am just clumsy! (´,,・ω・,,`)

After you put them together and zip them, Futon would be like this picture!

My cat was first to sleep on my Futon!


How to clean Futon


Japanese put their laundry outside to let them dry so they hang them on the pole. They also put Futon outside and let sun hit Futon. This way kills mites. Mites love the place where it is humid or dirty place. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t say your futon is dirty but while we sleep, we get sweat much. So Futon needs to be washed sometimes so you can keep your futon clean and fresh. It has to be dried well also.

Futon sheets need to be washed constantly too. I think this part is not big deal because people who use bed do the same thing. The  problem is Futon to put outside. We don’t have the custom to do. But it feels so good to sleep on the Futon which you put outside under the sun. You can feel fresh and clean while you sleep. (*´д`*)

There is an item that is called Futon dryer. You can use it to kill mites. I don’t have this one but it is very interesting!


Good parts of Futon and bad parts of Futon


Le’s talk about pros and cons. This might be my opinions and won’t suit everyone but if you think about buying Futon, let me give you some good parts and bad parts of it!


Good parts

  • Futon isn’t thicker than a bed so you can sleep as your back is straightened up(This might reduce your back pain like me!)
  • If you want a space, you can fold your Futon
  • Futon is removable
  • You don’t have to worry about falling out of your bed
  • You can clean it easily(comparing to a bed)
  • Futon sizes are various


Bad parts

  • I recommend you to fold your Futon every day so it would be such a pain to fold it
  • You have to clean it often(I suggest to dry it under the sun)
  • You’re close to the floor so you might feel dusty
  • You will feel the floor on your back
  • You need a space to put away(if you don’t want to leave it out)

I think those are the general pros and cons of Futon. It’s up to you to feel if you are comfortable with Futon or a bed. But those are my opinions. I hope it would help you.




My Futon set!

Futon’s price range is wide and you can find cheap to an expensive one. It is up to what kind of bed you guys want to have. For example, the weight of Kakebuton, thickness of Shikibuton, feelings of them and so on. There are so many different varieties of Futon. I bought the Futon for my back pain and helped me to sleep well. If you have a hard time to sleep on the bed, why don’t you try a Futon??It might work for your problems!

I hope this page will help somebody who wants to buy a Futon!

Have a good life with Futon~! (@’ω’@)





  1. What is the small cover that goes over the kakebuton with the sheet cover on it called? It’s very small and only covers the top of the kakebuton. It’s corners are cut out so the kakebuton can slip through.

    • Hello Linda,

      Sorry, it has taken me so long to reply, I was so busy with trying to finish college that this question had kind of gotten away from me. I am not sure what you are asking. Are you talking about the old style kakebuton sheet which a hole on top that shows the kakebuton under the sheet?

  2. Hello! I’m thinking of switching to a futon. Can I use my current fitted sheets with it?

    • Hello. You can but it won’t fit well. It could tend to wrinkle and fall off. I recommend you to buy the right futon sheets.

      • Hi, I want to switch to futon since currently I already use floor mattress. But I’m a side sleeper and very light weight so I need something soft as pillow. Do you know where can I buy such futon (or does it exists?). Can I put futon in laundry machine? Can I use normal blanket for the futon rather than the kakebuton (actually it is normal blanket right???). Thanks

        • Hello, thank you for your comment.

          1 You can buy futon from Amazon and Ebay. If you want to buy futon from Japan, Rakuten is the good place to buy. Rakuten is the most popular shopping site in Japan and I bought futon from there.

          2 You can wash some of futon in laundry machine. Futon usually has a tag that tells if you can wash it or not. It is up to the futon that you buy.

          3 You can use normal blankets. Japanese people put blanket under kakebuton in winter. I also use blanket and kakebuton together in winter.

  3. Remember you can also buy Silk filled kakebuton.

    • Thank you for your comment. That’s true. Silk kekebuton has many merits to use but one problem to me is expensive! ^.^;; I would like to buy it one day. That’s my dream!

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