Whisper of the Heart : Nostalgic Pure Love (´ω` *)(* ´ω`)

whisper-of-the-heart-dvdHello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Whisper of the Heart(耳をすませば). This movie is the first movie that has been adopted Dolby Digital sound in Japan. This original story is from the manga magazine “Ribon” which is for young girls. It is a sweet nd pure love story! Let’s take a look at the detail of Whisper of the Heart! (^0^)




Shizuku Tsukishima as the main character is a junior high school student who likes to read books. She goes to the library where her father works. She notices the name is Seiji Amasawa on the recording card of the book she borrowed. While her summer break, she borrows her books at the library and notices again that the book has been donated by Seiji Amasawa.

After a while, she meets up with her friend named, Yuko for handing the translation of the country road lyric in Japanese. When they are on the way to their home, she remembers that she forgot  her book on the bench so she goes back to get her book. On the bench, there is a boy who she doesn’t know reading her book. This boy tells her that it is not good to translate “concrete road” and leaves.

One day, while she took her father’s bento box to the library, she finds a fat cat on the train. She starts to get interested in this cat and follows the cat. While following this cat, she finds the secondhand shop and spends her time in there. The owner of the shop named, Shiro Nishi lets her look around his shop and they become acquaintances. She remembers that she has to go to the library so she leaves the shop. When she arrives at the library, she notices that she forgot his father’s bento box. But soon, the boy from the other day comes to the library with her father bento box.

The new semester starts at the school. The boy who Yuko is in love with has feelings toward Shizuku. Shizuku finds that out and gets panicked so she runs away to the secondhand shop. At this place, she finds out that the boy she has run into couple times is the grandson of the owner of this shop and knows he is Seiji Amasawa from the book.

This is how they start to become friends and get their relationship deep. This is a pure love story that these teenagers make!


Main Characters


Shizuku Tsukishima – Main character. She is a 14 years old girl who is bright. She likes to read books. While her summer break, she reads 20 books~! After she meets Seiji Amasawa, she decides to make a script of her story.

Seiji Amasawa – Main character. He is a 15 years old boy who goes to the same junior high school of Shizuku’s. He is the grandson of Shiro Nishi who is the owner of the secondhand shop. He also likes to read books. He has a dream to want to be a violin maker. He is thinking about going to Italy to be a violin maker.

Fat cat(Moon) – This cat wanders around from place to place. So, everywhere he goes, he has a different name. He is called Moon by Seiji.

Seiya Tsukishima – Shizuku’s father. He is 45 years old who works at the library. His real job is a local historian.

Asako Tsukishima – Shizuku’s mother. She is 43 years old who goes to a postgraduate course.

Shiho Tsukishima – Shizuku’s elder sister. She is 18 years old who goes to the college.

Shiro Nishi – Seiji’s grandfather and the owner of the secondhand shop.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Studio Ghibli

Year : 1995

Whisper of the Heart DVD

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Opening and Ending songs



Take Me Home, Country Roads – Olivia Newton-John


Country Road(カントリー・ロード) – Yoko Honna


Whisper of the Heart

Ending song is in this O.S.T

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My Review


Whisper of the Heart Recommendation Chart

This movie is a real pure story that you rarely see nowadays. I wished there was more pure love story like this movie! It has a kind of nostalgic atmosphere and makes me feel warm. The townscape is so too. This feeling helps us to take a trip with this movie and feel comfortable. I think Ghibli is really great at making a story like this with the nostalgic circumstances. This is one of my favorite parts of Ghibli. You can always get to feel the something we have forgotten in our past. This makes me really feel good to watch the Ghibli movies and gives me reverberations after finish watching them. Of course, to feel so, the story needs to be good too but I tend to focus on the atmosphere better than the content of story!  (*^-゚) I love the movies or anime that make me want to go into the screen! Because I want to forget about the reality sometimes, you know! This movie is so soft and innocent that I usually watch when I need to take a break from real life!

The story itself is not fancy at all. It is plain and simple. As you read the story of this above, the main characters are adolescent. There are few times you can get to see the adolescent worries or struggles. If you are adults, you probably can get the flashback of our young time. It is something embarrassing now but when we were teenagers, we struggled and worried seriously about small things. Those memories are in this movie so it will pull you back to those days. It is nice to enjoy watching this movie with your own experiences as comparing to your past. You might dig the embarrassing memories that you have buried a long time ago! (゚Д゚;) Please be careful! lol

I said you might remember something that you don’t want to remember but this movie goes along with real life and you can get to pick the positive part too. Actually, I got the same feeling that Shizuku had too in my real life. Shizuku feels impatiences and a sense of inferiority as she gets to know Seiji because he already has something he wants to be in his life. She starts to feel those feelings too and struggles, but she will be able to find what she wants to do. I could feel the descriptions impressively because I have experienced too. In my case, I felt like I am being left behind from the world and the bitter struggle makes me want to say that welcome to the teenage world! I think this feeling is important. The reason why is when we are a teenager, we tend to think that we are special or we want to be special at the moment. I think it is just pure feelings are still left in our heart but as our age goes up, we would know the world better and would stop thinking this way. But what I can say is these feelings turn into fuel for teenagers and give them the power to be able to step forward what they want to be. It is like the world is my feelings! I could get to see the infinity of young people’s possibility. I think this is such a positive part. It reminded me of adolescent time pretty much. The good part, the bad part, and embarrassing parts are the factors to invite me to love this movie! (*^o^*)

It contains the sweetness, bitterness, and expectation of future! It is another Studio Ghibli’s greatness. If you want to relax for your time, I recommend you guys to watch this movie. I’m sure that when you finish watching this movie, you want to have pure love!

Thank you for reading this post! Bye bye~! ( ´∀`)/~~


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