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Hello! My name is Mishi! Today, I want to show you guys this movie, “Wolf Children (おおかみこどもの雨と雪)”. This movie is an anime movie. As you see the title, it is about wolves. There are many people that say this movie is great! Let’s see how good it is! (*>ω<)




This story is about the life of Hana, her daughter, and her son. The story is told by her daughter, Yuki. When Hana was a college student, she fell in love with the guy who had the blood line of a wolf and gave a birth to her daughter, Yuki and her son, Ame. But right after Ame was born, their father passed away as a wolf. Hana tried to raise them in the city but she gave up and decided to live in a local place where nature surrounds them.

Yuki and Ame are half wolves so they can turn into a wolf. This will cause them to struggle which way they want to go to as they grow up. Before they become elementary school students, Yuki is an active girl who likes to be a wolf but unlike Yuki, Ame is a shy and timid boy.

They started to go to elementary school and the circumstance will change them. As Yuki makes friends with people, she starts to worry about being half wolf. On the other hand, Ame can’t fit into his school and he gets attracted to the mountain(natural life). They begin to struggle the way they want to go to and what they want to be. These situations will put them in where they have to decide how they want to live. Which way will Yuki choose? Which way will Ame go to? While they are struggling as they are half wolves, their mother, Hana will suffer from their pain and struggles too…..


Main Characters


Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Hana(center) – She was raised by her father but she lost him when she was a high school student. Since that, she has been alone. She went to her college and met the guy who is a wolf and had Yuki and Ame. Her father named her Hana because he wants her to make a smile like a flower all the time so whatever happens, she tries to continue her smile. Hana means flower in Japanese.

Yuki(left) – Ame’s elder sister. Yuki means snow in Japanese. She was born when it was snowing. This is how she got this name. She used to be a tomboy until she became an elementary school student. She will notice that half wolf people are not around her and she will start to decide to live her life as a human being.

Ame(right) – Yuki’s young brother. Ame means rain in Japanese. When he was born, it was raining. This is how he got his name. He used to be a shy and timid kid but a certain accident will make him change his personality. He will choose to go back to nature as a wolf. This will cause him and his sister to fight.

The Wolfman(Yuki and Ame’ Father) – Yuki and Ame’ father. His real name is unknown. He used to work as a truck driver but he would sneak into Hana’s college and study before he passed away.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2012

Wolf Children (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Wolf Children (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki

Wolf Children Manga

Wolf Children on Amazon

Watch Wolf Children on Amazon

Opening and Ending Songs (Theme song)


Okasan no Uta – Ann Sally


Okasan no Uta – Ann Sally


Wolf Children - O.S.T.

Wolf Children – O.S.T.


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wolf children Big Towel

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wolf children Figure Anime

Wolf Children Figure
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Wolf Children Plush Doll

Hana’s soft Plush Doll
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Wolf Children Action Figure Ame

Figure Ame

Wolf Children Acition Figure Yuki

Figure Yuki
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My Review


Wolf Children Recommendation Chart 1

I liked the atmosphere of this movie. It is kind of similar with Ghibli movies. It is so relaxing, quiet and the warm feelings you can get to feel. There are no people who have thorns on this movie. Sometimes, I want to watch anime or movies to feel this way once in a while. If you want to feel those feelings, this is the movie for you. I think without thinking anything, to watch this movie will give you a good impression. Maybe, a pure feeling is required to watch anime or movies like this.

If you are a mother or father of somebody, this will make you move. Because it is about a family relationship and they will get through tough times as being  half wolf. As kids grow up, they will notice something they didn’t care about before. Those things would change their feelings and their life. It didn’t have to be a wolf on this movie. It could be different races or different things that are not around the society they live in. I think this same thing would happen like this movie. The difference will confuse people, especially children and they will have to decide where they want to belong to. This is the life we live in so I think this movie’s stage is on the present days of our world. It could be old era and done by old fashion background. That would have fit in better but they chose to make this about the present day. I don’t know the real messages of the writer for this movie but I felt this is a message to me.

This movie is for family, but why did they put a scene of them trying to have a child?(you know what I mean right?) Was that part necessary seriously? (`Д´≡`Д´)?? That scene disturbs this whole beautiful story and the feeling of parents. <(`^´)> Is the reason why they made this in present days?? Because that thing is getting more and more open? I wished they wouldn’t have put that scene in this movie. That is why I gave 1 moe and subtracted 1 from the story on the chart. ┐(゚~゚)┌

Oh well, Totally, it was a good movie that you must watch. I do recommend this movie to everybody. If you are stressful and grouchy, watch this and feel the gentleness, kindness and warmth. I hope this advice will help your day.

Thank you for reading this post! I will see you later! ヾ(TωT)Byeヾ(TωT)Bye


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