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Hello, everyone! It’s Mishi again! Today I want to talk to you about one of my most favorite groups. This group is called X Japan. To me they are one of the best bands I have ever heard, I was hypnotized, I was mesmerized. They are truly amazing, this group is full of talent, from the vocalist, drummer and pianist (leader), and the guitarist. Each of the member compliments they other, if one is missing then it would seem like the band would be off. I was truly amazed when I heard that they had gotten back together again. I couldn’t help but think how they were going to be without Hide. Even if they brought someone in to fill his place would it even be the same. However, it would take someone who truly didn’t know the old band and its members. Someone would not be able to tell if new to this band group, I just can’t imagine it would be the same without Hide. Again I say this because they all complimented each other so very well. Okay so now one to the post.

X Japan formed in 1982 under the original name X by Yoshiki and Toshi. Yoshiki and Toshi have been friends since childhood. X Japan is considered the most successful rock bands in the history of Japan. X Japan has sold more than 30 million albums, singles, and videos in combination, and sold 55,000 seats in Japan’s Tokyo Dome. In Japan at least they have been called bigger than the Beatles, which I can believe and they are way better looking and have better hair than the Beatles to lol. For X Japan, it is truly all about the fans. I love how they interact with their fans at the concerts. They interact with their fans because they love the fans and they love every minute of what they do on stage. It isn’t about picking out the hottest girls so that they can have sex romps after the concerts like American bands do. There is always so much charisma on that stage from each individual member of the band. This band performed together for 13 years and sadly at the height of their careers, they decided to disband, on September 22, 1997, they held a press conference letting the fans know that X Japan made the decision to disband, and performed their final concert December 31, 1997.


I wished that I would have been able to attend their last concert, it must have been just as heartbreaking for the fans as it was for the band to say goodbye. Even watching the final concert on Youtube you could see the pain on the faces of the fans and the band members. I not only had to run and grab tissues to catch the tears that were falling from my eyes like a waterfall, it gave me goosebumps  to hear the fans sing the complete lyrics when the band paused on stage. I was not there but in the videos, you could truly feel the love between the fans and the band. It tugged at my heart strings. I didn’t have to be there to feel those emotions. It was in the music and the fans, it was written on the faces of the people that attended the Tokyo Dome that day, from the fans to the band members. You could almost feel the pain they were feeling that day the fans raising their hands in the air waving their white handkerchiefs as Toshi sang and the band played.

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That is not the only heartbreak that the members of X-Japan suffered, at the age of 33 and just 5 months after the final concert, Hide the lead guitarist died tragically in his apartment. Some say it was an accident some say it was a suicide. Either way, it was a severe loss for the band members of X-Japan, the fans, and his family. A week later 3 teenage girls committed suicide the same way they were told Hide did. Approximately 50,000 people attended Hide’s funeral. What a heartbreaking moment in the history of X-Japan. JRock suffered another heartbreak when 2 band members Deshabillz Bassist Utsukushiibitsu and Hizumi the Guitarist of Mabeth Gray’ll died in a car accident on the way to Hide’s funeral. Hide will truly be missed and in the fans hearts forever. X-Japan and Hide will live on forever in the hearts of the fans and in their music. I am going to get unrealistic here for a second. I would love for X-Japan to perform forever and be together forever. Thank you for letting me dream for that brief second. For me, they will all live on forever in their music and will live on as legends in the music world.

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Even though they made legendary music and seemed happy, it seems like Toshi was fighting with emotions, before the band disbanded Toshi was having issues with family, management, members of the band mostly Yoshiki. He began having money issues because of management and fraud claims in the X Japan office and in Toshi’s personal office. Toshi began to fight within himself, who he could trust and couldn’t trust and began feeling anxiety. He met up with again after many years with the poisonous women whom he thought he could trust and decided he would leave X-Japan and started to distance himself from the people around him. Because of her, he made the decision to leave X-Japan. This woman, a manipulator now had what she wished for. She was happy now that she had Toshi all to herself no one around to help him catch on to what she was doing. She proceeded with what she had planned, she introduced him to a seminar.


From the start, Toshi felt like it was some kind of crazy religion but then thought maybe it was just him. Toshi began to attend the seminars little by little Toshi began to become brainwashed. Toshi spent over one billion Yen, he was beginning to go deeper and deeper. Women and the leader of the cult began to mentally and physically abuse Toshi. I came time to the last concert for X-Japan and he had to get special permission to be able to attend. He hadn’t seen his friends for a long time and appeared that he was fighting with different emotions during this time.  But as a professional artist, they didn’t show their fans what was going on. After the concert, they all went their separate ways. Toshi hears about Hide’s death and had to get permission from the leader of the cult to attended the funeral. 9 years later Toshi met with Yoshiki to discuss the plans for X Japan because he heard from His ex-manager that Yoshiki was talking about getting together again. In the end, Toshi was able to overcome the brainwashing, restarted his life with X Japan, and left his wife.


Let Me Introduce You To the Band


Yoshiki- Childhood friend of Toshi and co-founder of X-Japan. Yoshiki is a genius when it comes to music. He can play the drums, piano, and guitar. He is a song writer, composer, and record producer.

Toshi- Childhood friend of Yoshiki and co-founder of X-Japan. Toshi has such a soothing voice I love to hear him sing. He is the lead singer of X-Japan and a songwriter. He has been through some hard times but has made it back again. I am truly thankful for that.

Pata- Is the rhythm guitarist for X-Japan. He has been associated with Ra:IN, Dope HEADz, P.A.F, and Judy/Black Rose.

Hide-Lead guitarist for X-Japan. He was also a singer and song writer. Sadly Hide passed away May 2, 1998 at the age of 33. Hide had so much charisma and was so much support for the other band members. It is sad that he was taken away. Hide was so much bigger than life.

Heath-Bass player for X-Japan. He is also a singer and song writer. He has also been associated with Dope HEADz, Lynx, Media Youth/Sweet Death, and Paranoia. No longer with X-Japan.

Taiji- Former bassist for X. He was also an acoustic guitarist and song writer. Sadly Taiji passed away after being arrested and attempting to hang himself in his jail cell. He passed away July 17, 2011 at the age of 45.

Sugizo- Lead guitar, taking the place of Hide. He is a singer, song writer, composer, and record producer. Sugizo plays guitar and violin.


What Does The Future Hold For X-Japan?


In 2006 Toshi met up with Yoshiki in Los Angeles to work on a song Without You as a tribute to Hide. The band made their first public appearance on October 22, 2007, in Odaiba, Tokyo. The Hide Memorial Summit took place on May 3 and 4, 2008. On the second day, many other groups reunited for one day. On August 14 and 15, 2010 X-Japan performed at the Nissan Stadium in front of 140,000 fans for those two days, Ex-Bassist Taiji joined them for those two days as their guest. A year later Taiji was arrested and committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell. In 2010 they made their first appearance in the United States with Sugizo from Luna Sea to replace Hide. In 2011 X-Japan announced a world tour to promote their new untitled album, however due to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the band decided to postpone the tour. Yoshiki auctioned off one of his Crystal Grand Pianos and the proceeds went to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

In June 2015, Yoshiki announced their sixth and first studio album in 20 years would be released on March 11, 2016. On the following day they were supposed to perform at Wembley Arena in London, however, an unfortunate situation happened. Guitarist Pata was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU with a life-threatening condition and a severe blood clot. X-Japan announced the postponement of their of their album and concert for March 11, 2016. they will do their concert in Wembley March 4, 2017.


Mishi’s Top Picks For X-Japan Songs


Art Of Life- Is a 30 minute song that was composed by Yoshiki. This song sets Yoshiki up there with the greatest composers of all time.

Kurenai- (Translated into English means Crimson)This song is about struggling with the pain of the heart.

Rusty Nail- I could be wrong but when I hear these lyrics, I think they are about losing someone to suicide.

Dahlia- Is about a girl named Dahlia who went to a different country and experienced sadness, frustration, and other emotions.

Silent Jealousy- Break up song and he goes insane.




Without You- Is a tribute to Hide. Love this song so much.

Forever Love- This song is about sadness and a deeply broken heart.

Endless Rain- Desperate break up song.

Tears- Was dedicated to his father. This is such a beautiful song. After Hide passed away, it was dedicated to both Hide and his Father.

Say Anything- Is a song about fighting between dream and reality. He is tired of fake love and wants to find the true love between him and her.

It was so hard for me to make these picks. I know it is wrong for me to say but I have so many top songs from X Japan. Some how when I hear X Japan they make me feel at peace. If there is anything such as perfection this band is it.


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