Yojimbo : Akira Kurosawa + Toshiro Mifune = Best!


Hello, Mishi is back! Today I want to review an old Japanese movie is called Yojimbo (用心棒). Do you know Akira Kurosawa? He is a famous movie director in Japan. There are many fans of Akira Kurosawa all over the world. This movie is a one of his masterpieces. Let’s check this movie’s review out! □_ヾ( ̄∀ ̄*)




Sanjuro Kuwabatake as the main character who is a ronin appears in this poor Shukuba(post station). This place is the kind of place where a dog passes by you with human’s arm in his mouth. The reason why is because there are 2 gangs fighting in this place. The only business that makes good money here is the coffin business. That is what a residence tells Sanjuro but he decides to stay here for a while. To make his living, he shows off his sword skills and cuts three thugs in front of one of the gang boss, Seibei. He takes him in as Yojimbo which means bodyguard and plots an attack on another gang which is Ushitora’s. But Sanjuro will hear that Seibei makes a plan to use him to finish a job and kill him without rewarding him. One day, they decided to fight each other. Right before the fight starts, Sanjuro drops out in front of these two gangs, they are about to fight but Sanjuro makes this moment awkward. They still try to continue the fight, when they hear that one of the officials will come to this place. That stops them fighting since Sanjuro is free, the two gangs try to take him to their side as a bodyguard. That causes him trouble and gets people around Sanjuro involved in a bloody situation. Can he survive for his life? What will happen in the end?

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Main Characters

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Yojimbo scene 3Sanjuro Kuwabatake : He is a ronin who travels around Japan. He makes his life with sword skills. He penetrates his way of being samurai everywhere he goes!

Seibei : He is the boss of the gang that tries to take a control of this place. His conversation is overheard by Sajuro. That will ruin his plot.

Ushitora : He is the boss of the gang who used to be a soldier of the Seibei gang. What happened between Seibei and Ushitora?

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Year : 1961

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As I said Akira Kurosawa is one of the most legendary movie directors in this world. There is no way to talk about Japanese movies without him. It is worth it to watch his films. Talking about this movie, it is a black and white  movie so you can get to feel the atmosphere of old times. Those actors and actresses are so great and they drag you into this movie. The main character, Sanjuro is a very interesting person. Usually, a samurai is serious and straight to his motto but this guy is different. He lets you feel humanity. Basically, he does what he wants to do. To live his life, and to eat food, he works for himself but when he doesn’t care, he goes up to the roof and watches people fighting. When somebody is in trouble, he tries to help and save that person without thinking. He is not a typical samurai who lets you see the perfection of him. Sanjuro shows madness, happiness and cruelness but when it comes down to getting the job done, he will show his coolness. His personality makes this movie’s tempo from quiet to loud. You will be under his control once you start to watch this movie. He will decide what he wants to do and you will follow what he will do next. This movie is good for people who can’t watch serious samurai movies with no laughable scenes. This film lets you sense the time to laugh and the time to watch seriously. Japanese traditional sounds also help you to feel so. I definitely recommend you to watch this movie. I definitely recommend you to watch all of Akira Kurosawa’s movies! (*´∀`) This movie is easy for you to step into the samurai world! That is for sure!

The sequel of Yojimbo : Sanjuro

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