Do you know there are 3 kinds of Japanese ghosts in Japan?

Japanese Ghost YureiI played a game Japanese version of Yokai watch on 3ds last year. It was so fun to play. It is like Pokemon game that you collect Yokai and levels them up to fight other Yokai. Also in the USA on Disney XD, they have broadcasted Yokai Watch as the title of Yo-kai Watch. Yo-kai Watch game has been released too on 3ds. The characters are so cute and adorable!!

But I thought about real Yokai is not so cute like them actually so scary!!! Okay… I am getting off the road again. I am not going to talk about Yokai Watch(Yo-kai Watch) today. That will be the other day! Let’s hit the point of this post!! Do you know in Japan there are ways to call ghost??

In English ghost is just a ghost right? But in Japan, there are a couple of ways to call a ghost. As an anime fan, I have watched many anime in my life. Then I noticed they don’t call ghost is a ghost in one way!! Sometimes I hear Yokai, sometimes I hear Yurei, sometimes I hear Obake….. It is so confusing….. That is why today I want to make this clear!!!!! So you won’t get confused anymore every time you hear them through anime or drama or movie or whatever!

Each one of them has a definition of words. If you read this post until the end, I’m sure you will be able to understand! It is not hard to get them! Let’s learn!!【( ̄_ ̄)v】




What is Yokai?


Yokai is based on a folk belief in Japan. Usually, Yokai is recognized that something unusual, something mysterious, something phenomenal, something goes beyond our head.

In short, Yokai makes extraordinary things happen to us. It is said that animals and things except for human turn into a form of Yokai. Yokai appears from a specific place and scares everything. Have you heard Kaibutsu? Kaibutsu belongs to Yokai category. Kaibutsu is kind of western ghost types in Japanese.

Yokai is also called Mononoke or Ayakashi. They are all same things….. Let me give you some famous name of Yokai.


Famous Japanese Yokai list



TenguTengu lives on the mountain. He has a tall nose and red face. He also has wings on his back. He can make the wind with his fan and bothers human. He sometimes throws rocks at us!


Kasa Obake(Karakasa Kozou)


Karakasa Kozou doesn’t bother human but it likes to surprise human. It is old umbrella Yokai.


Hitotsume Kozou

Hitotsume KozouHitotsume Kozou lives in fields and mountains. It will scare us when we walk by them!



KappaKappa lives in the river. It loves cucumbers so much! Kappa tries to pull people’s legs into the river while they are walking across the river.



OniOni is basically an evil but sometimes, you can get to see some shrines have them as a god in Japan. It’s generally said that Oni eats human and people used to be scared of them. I think Oni is most famous Yokai in Japan. You have seen Oni on game or anime before, right?


Zashiki Warashi

ZashikiwarashiShe lives in a room floored with tatami mats or a warehouse. She makes noise and laughs in those places. But it is said that if you see her, you will get good fortune. It is also said that she is a goddess of the house. There are few hotels that have the rooms which Zashiki Warashi will show up in Japan. Those hotels are booked for many years ahead.



UmibouzuUmibouzu lives in the ocean. It breaks ships and kidnaps human on the ships.



Kyubi no KitsuneKyuubi is Naruto! Just kidding lol Kyubi is a fox and has nine tales. It is said that Kyuubi can transform into the look of a human. The person who you just passed by might be Kyubi…..


Yuki Onna

YukionnaYuki Onna looks like a human but watches out! Yuki Onna is known as taking an energy and a spirit out of the human. Yuki Onna sometimes pretends that she is a human and tries to set a trap to get us. When she gets close to human, she tells not to tell anyone that we met with each other. After that happens, she comes back to you and tells you that she is not a human. She is Yuki Onna. If you have bad luck, you would get killed by her or if you have good luck, she would disappear in front of you as showing you her regretful face.


Rokuro Kubi

YukionnaRokuro Kubi can extend her neck like a picture above. She can also take her neck apart from her body. It is pretty scary…..




NyurarihyonNyurarihyon is known as same Yokai as Umibouzu in Okayama prefecture but in Akita prefecture, Nyurarihyon is Hyakki Yagyou. Hyakki Yagyou is a group of Yokai that wander about in the town at night. This Yokai hasn’t been known exactly what it is. Nyurarihyon is a mysterious Yokai.



DainyudouOonyuudou is a huge monk but in some local places, the definition of Oonyuudou is different. Some say that this Yokai is an inarticulate shadow, a huge human, or stone tower that transforms into huge Yokai. There are many saying for this Yokai. Oonyuudou scares human and the human who sees this Yokai get sick.




What is Yurei?


As I mentioned that Yokai is not out of human above. But this time, Yurei is what human turn into…Only human, not animals or things.

Yurei is a human who couldn’t let themselves rest peacefully in their grave. A human who usually has passed away tragically, miserably, or also has left grudge in the world tend to be Yurei.

Do you want to know how to deal with them if you run into?? Okay, I will secretly tell you how to do this. It is said that they are stuck up with their grudge or something they really want to do in this world. So what you have to do is listen to them carefully, make their wish come true, relax them and solve their wishes…This is how to do it…If you run into them, do this for them without getting scared…Promise me… (o´ω’o)ノGood luck!!! Who can do this??? At least I don’t have guts to do that. Forget about it!!!!! Let’s run away if you run into them. I think that is what we can do!!!!!(-o-\) λλλλλ,,,,,

Well, let’s be nice in case Yurei are reading this website. Treat them like they are human. They used to be ex-human right?((( ;゜ Д ゜)))Shivering!


What is Obake?


Okay, this is last…I can’t even go to the bathroom anymore…

Obake is a combination of Yokai and Yurei. Obake can be animals or things or human turned into. Obake is sometimes called Bakemono, Obakemono, Bake, Obake, Kesyo.

A couple of names Obake has.Must be popular right? Ooops I shouldn’t make a joke in case….. Obake is a general name of Yokai and Yurei.




1. Yokai and Yurei are under Obake. You can categorize the type of Obake into Yokai or Yurei.

2 .If you run into them, please make them feel at home lol

3. Take somebody to go to bathroom with lol

This is it! It is not confusing anymore! Good luck not running into them ━━(゚Д゚;)━━━




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