Take a trip to “Your Name(Kimi no Na wa)” in real life!

Your Name(Kimi no Nawa)

Hello! I’m Mishi. Today, I want to talk about the most popular anime movie in Japan. I’m sure that you know this anime already and are waiting for it at the theater in here! The name of this anime is called “Your Name(君の名は。/Kimi no Na wa)”. Lately, there are much anime that collaborate with the specific locations and try to liven up the anime and the locations. The people who watch the anime visit the locations that are on anime. They keep the win-win relationship with each other.

To visit the locations of anime is called Seichi Junrei(聖地巡礼). Don’t you want to see the same location of anime? I know I want to see them, especially for my favorite anime. So, as I introduce this anime to you, I also want to show you the locations of “Your Name”. There are many models for this anime so I will show you some of them. It would be fun to try to find out the locations on anime!

Let’s go to see them!

But the story is first! (゚Д゚;)






A high school boy named, Taki Tachibana lives in Tokyo. One day, he wakes up in the morning and notices that he switched himself with a high school girl named, Mitsuha Miyamizu who lives in Itomori town, Gifu prefecture which is in the mountains, but both of them thought this was a dream so they spent their day as their lives being switched.

Next day, they came back to their own bodies and didn’t even think about it, because they thought that was a dream. But this happens sometimes and they start to realize that this is happening in their real life.

They start to leave their memos on their smart phone and decide a rule of while they are switching themselves. They also begin to leave a diary on their smart phone in case of switching back to their own bodies. As they do this way, they get to know each other and build their relationship.

But all of a sudden, they stopped switching bodies and the memos on their smart phones disappeared. Taki starts to wonder what happened and decides to go to Itomori town with a sketch of the landscape. Taki’s friend named, Tsukasa Fujii and Taki’s co-worker at his part-time restaurant named, Miki Okudera are worried about Taki and go with him.

Finally, they find Itomori town but they will find out a shocking incident. 3 years ago, a meteorite hit this town and over 500 people died because of this…

Taki will try to find the way to switch his body with her body and try to contact with her. What is this strange experience? Will he be able to know what is going on? This is how the story goes…..




Taki Tachibana(left side on the picture above) – The main character. He is an ordinary high school student who lives with his father in Tokyo. He is good at drawing a picture and interested in art and architecture. He works at an Italian restaurant “IL GIARDINO DELLE PAROLE” as a part-timer. He has a feeling toward his co-worker named, Miki Okudera.

Mitsuha Miyamizu(right side on the picture above) – The main character. She is a high school student who lives in Itomori town, Gifu prefecture.(Itomori town is a fictional town but Gifu prefecture exists in Japan.) She and her young sister named, Yotsuha Miyamizu are Miko(Shinto shrine maiden) at Miyamizu shrine. They live with their grandmother named, Hitoha. Their mother named, Futaba Miyamizu passed away because of her sick and their father named, Toshiki Miyamizu is a folklorist, a priest of Miyamizu shrine, and also a Mayor of Itomori town. He is busy and is not at home much.

She longs for living in Tokyo and gets tired of living in the countryside, her father’s election campaign, and her family’s shrine.

If you want to know what Miko is, check my other post! (‘-^*)



Opening and Ending songs



Dream Lantern(夢灯籠) – RADWIMPS


Nandemo Naiya(なんでもないや) – RADWIMPS


Zen Zen Zense(前前前世) – RADWIMPS

Sparkle(スパークル) – RADWIMPS

Your name(RADWIMPS)

All of them are from this CD album on Amazon


*(As “Your Name” will be released abroad, RADWIMPS remade their songs in English and the CD album of it will be released later on. )




Locations of “Your name(Kimi no Na wa)” in real life


On this anime, there are many places used so I will not be able to show you all of them but I can show you some places from “Your Name”. It would be more fun to pay attention to the background while watching it. Especially, before you watch this movie, input those picture below in your head! You will want to go to the exact places!

Let’s take a look at them!  ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪


Roppongi The National Art Center(国立新美術館)


Roppongi The National Art Center(Your name)

Photo: 空中レストランの拡大 by Yukikaze1234 Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution

This is one of the five national art centers in Japan. The concept of this place is a museum in a wood. Not only art, there is restaurant and cafe in this building. It has a great architecture and design. Which scene will it be in “Your name(Kimi no Na wa)”?

Location: Tokyo prefecture, Minato ku, Roppongi 7-22-2




Tokyo Shinjuku(Your Name)

The angle on anime is different but this is one of the places in the anime. It is a unique place so you will be able to easily tell which scene it will be!




Shibuya Starbucks(Your name)

This is Shibuya crossing. Probably, you have seen this place before. It is one of the foreigner’s favorite spot to take a picture. It is right in front of Shibuya station and a famous statue “Hachiko” is around this place. There are many millions of people cross this place a day.

By the way, can you find a Starbucks cafe? (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω) It is inside of the building and sits in the center of the picture. Can you see “Tsutaya”? It is above that shop. You will see this place on the movie so enjoy searching this place while watching this anime!


Hiroshima Motomachi High School(広島基町高校)


Hirishima Motomachi High School(Your Name)

Photo: Motomachi-minami01 by Shuichi-815 Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution

Hirishima Motomachi High School is the model of Taki’s high school. Actually, inside of this high school is the model. It is a futuristic style design and you will get to see the inside of this place in the anime. This school is also used for Tanaka kun is always listless. You can see the outside of this building like the picture.



Suwa Lake(諏訪湖/Suwa Ko)


Suwa Lake(Your Name)

The director of “Your name” Makoto Shinkai is from this prefecture. It is a beautiful lake and great landscape. This place is the model of Itomori town. Can you find any clue of this place on the anime?

Suwa Lake(Kimi no Na wa)

Location: Nagano prefecture, Okaya city, and Suwa city


Hida city library(飛騨市図書館)


Hida City Library(Your Name)

Photo: Hida City Library by Asturio Cantabrio Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution


Gifu prefecture, Hida city is the main model of Itomori town. If you go to this city, you will be able to see this anime and there are many people visit this library. They have the special area for “Your name” fans! If you visit this library, let’s stay quiet!

Location: Gifu prefecture, Hida city, Furukawa cho, Honmachi 2-22


Hida Furukawa Station(飛騨古川駅)


Hida Furukawa Station(Your Name)

When Taki goes to meet with Mitsuba, he gets off the train at this station. It is a local place so the number of the people who use this place is averagely around 500 people. It is a very quiet place and surrounded by nature.

Location: Gifu prefecture, Hida city, Furukawa machi


Hida Sanouguu Hie shrine(飛騨山王宮日枝神社)


Hida Sanouguu Hie shrine(Your Name)

Hie shrine is rumored to be used a model for this movie. This shrine has a deep history. In 1141, this shrine was built in a different place but it was burnt in 1181. But an object of worship believed to contain the spirit of a deity(Goshintai/御神体) wasn’t damaged so when in 1605, they moved it to the place where Hie shrine stands at. I love to go to shrines and temples so I definitely want to go to this shrine!

Location: Gifu prefecture, Takayama city, Shiroyama 156


Suga shrine(須賀神社)


Kimi no Nawa(Your Name)

Take a look at this picture above. This is one of the posters of “Your Name” and I want you to look at the picture below now.


Suga Shrine(Your name)

Photo: 映画『君の名は。』に登場する、四谷須賀神社の階段。by Hisagi Wikimedia Commons with CC License Attribution


It is the same place without the characters! These stairs take you to the Suga shrine. I wonder many fans of “Your Name” visit this shrine and draw the characters of this anime on Ema? If so, I’m excited to get there!

Location: Tokyo prefecture, Shinjuku ku, Suga chou 5

If you want to know Ema, this page is for you. o(´∀`*o)





Now, are you getting interested in this movie? If so, I would be glad to hear that! It is always fun to watch anime but also fun to look for the locations on anime. No wonder many anime Otaku in Japan visits the place to place. I would definitely do that if I have time and money.

If you will visit one of those places, please have manners to visit. There are some people don’t behave at those places and this has become a social problem in Japan. Please respect the others and the places.

Well, I have to go now. See you later~~!

(∩´∀`∩) Bye Bye!





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  3. I don’t believe that kimi no na wa shrine place is in real life thanks mishi to show a real life place please bring more place to see.

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